What is no-deal Brexit? – BBC News

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With no certainty over an agreement for the UK’s departure from the EU, what happens in the event of no deal?

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Emperor Jahrome says:

This situations gotten way out of hand :'(

UnclePutte says:

@Ali G

I find it alarming that you'd express such lack of study in the matter. The problem of leaving the EU isn't on the EU side, it's in the British parliament who're engaged in petty infighting about who gets to have their name on the deal, or at least prevent others from having their name on it.
It's all very simple – you either agree to the deal and sign the dotted line, or you don't. You'll leave either way. And this cadre of second-rate ruperts you have are failing to do so.

Really, the worst thing about this whole brexiting thing has been the amount of misinformation and utter lies the britons have worked very hard to immerse themselves in. It's been an endless parade of "UNGA BUNGA EU IS OPPRESSIVE DICTATOR" in a dizzying variety of forms ever since Nigel Farage first popped out of the upper class twit assembly line.

I used to think Britain was the cradle of western secular education, but that's well enough done for by now. How could it be, if it failed so hideously in instilling the base minimum of honesty in so many of its students?

David Clifford says:

An unusually unbiased account from the BBC, of the present situation regarding Brexit. What a shock!

Randy Lahey says:

Any logical person should see that the eu has become an authoritarian empire like the Nazis why else would they have a flag how dare people think the eu owns this country. This is Britain take your flag and go shove it up your arse.

Dolly Blue says:

Dolly Blue

1 second ago

Please sign the petition number 224908

Dom Perignon says:

the British have voted out that means out the bbc are liars disgrace

Randy Lahey says:

No deal now. Soubry is a nazi.

Phil Yermummin says:

If you see a Facebook status rambling on about the Lisbon treaty, don't be fooled. It's pro Brexit lies.
Here is an expert proving it's bollocks.


Rude Earther says:

No deal IS Brexit!!! We ALL got the pro remain leaflet, which cost taxpayers £9m, which also stated the vote was final, it was our choice, the result upheld, it also was very clear that leaving included the customs union and single market. Google it if you have forgot . David Cameron tried the deal, he was laughed down the road by the Eu, THAT is WHY we had the referendum in the first place!!! Don’t let this propaganda channel sway you, they are pro Eu because they receive funding from Eu (stolen taxes) and also FORCE you to pay their ‘license’ by threat of incarceration!! They are criminals and harborers of pedos!!!

Stuart Crossland says:

The Rothschilds were behind the establishment of the EU.

Stuart Crossland says:

The 1% is 99% Jewish.

bob rail says:

Twisting words , No Deal means what was voted for by the majority leave the corrupted EU until our corrupted MPs got hold of it and proved they can be just as corrupt as EU

Wtornado says:

The EU will be the biggest loser without the British Empire's wealth.

Ian Compton says:

BBC = bullshit ,biased and corrupt.

Left wing propaganda run for the privileged elite to brainwash white British people in to believing they are racist,xenophobes

bull rager78 says:

I didn't vote for deals I voted to leave EU so get on with a brexit now and get the hell out of EU now without deals

CJTaylor 87 says:

Sorry but Brexit was never supposed to happen, I voted for it, I would still vote for it as an article of faith but it is clear that the people whole rule this land are scheming with this period of creative change. No doubt the oft mooted third referendum would be festooned in the brexit voters are far right mantras, you are all Tommy Robinson's best mate, the guy has been positioned by the rulers as a means of deception, sorry but this really is a case of order out of chaos, I can see it already. My general advice is to concentrate on oneself and not pleading on the overlords to rule you better, this is where the real change and transformation is.
Maybe I am horribly wrong, I hope so, but anyone reading this, YOU need your precious energy for yourself, why waste it on getting excised by the lies of the mainstream news, and I say this as someone who was worked up for a while, you realise the complete lies but still do not detach, it for bad for psyche.
All the best, even to Remain folks, you will learn one day!

A Z says:

Democracy voted. Outcome :OUT. Rest is history. These remoaners are wasting time and trying to kill a democratic nation.

rivenoak says:

0:25 UK is able to revoke article 50 on their own, so yes UK is able to stay.

Craig van der Merwe says:

Look at those stupid sods with those stupid flags standing there behind her.

Industrialist2015ofUk says:

Its a hard Brexit with no agreements in trade etc. with other eu states, hence the name.

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