🇨🇾 Illegal migration and human trafficking to top MED-7 summit | Al Jazeera English

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Migration will be the focus of a summit of Mediterranean leaders in Cyprus later on Tuesday.
The divided island has become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants into Europe.
The government says it has been swamped with requests for asylum.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Nicosia.

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Al Lore says:

Not welcome in Cyprus. Move along…

MKF 1377 Kl, says:

They should go back to there countries in order to re built there living standards there are not poor little hungary people the are thiefs and liers the ambassays refuse them now they are using illegal ways to enter Europe…..

Wtornado says:

They can't even get along in their own country imagine going into someone else's country.
The West has done enough and has brought their social services to the brink of bankruptcy taking in uneducated,unskilled highly influenced by religion refugees.
Close the doors Europe or be dragged down and drown with them Europe.

C. Lincoln says:

Sorry but moving immigrants from one EU nation to another isn't a long term solution. It will only work for a short period of time, but more and more people will keep coming. EU & America needs to change their foreign affair policies and invest heavily to get the nations that are economically left behind to join the modern world. So long as there is conflict and poverty in their nations (many times caused by EU/America policies and interference) then people will continue to immigrate to better off nations.

Samul Lio says:

Immigrants from country like Iran … Will ruined Europe as they ruined there own country

Devon Alexander says:

This is very sad, please take in the poor migrants. They deserve to live a good life after fleeing conflict brought about by western wars.

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