Russia Warns Against New US ‘Low Yield’ Warheads

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A new “low-yield” US warhead is less powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima but more capable of igniting a nuclear conflict than bigger nuclear weapons, analysts believe.
Dubbed W76-2, the weapon is now being produced by the Pantex plant in Texas, according to Donald Trump’s nuclear posture review which he signed last year. The Trump administration – whose boss has already shown a fixation on building up nukes – claims the new “low-yield” warhead would give the US a more “flexible” deterrent.

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wrightterence680 says:

The United States is getting ready for something!!!

LaSandren Dreamwalker says:

I hate to dispute with you but fat man was 20 to 22 kiloton yield and little boy was 13 to 18 kiloton yield and they were both low yield bombs whereas the mk17 and mk24 and mk-41 have about have a bout a 25,000 kiloton yield or or about 25 mega tons and the Titan II missiles that were in service we're 9 Megaton yield

Sablon76 says:

This is hilarious! Complete disclosure will be achieved with months if not weeks this way. We had the heart attack gun yesterday and the day before that we had the whispers on a laser beam, just wait until they get the big guns out and then realise its pointless and agree to disagree because they all have the same goal in mind. lol

smelly dead cat says:

"Fixation" being concerned about the defense of our country is a fixation? Don't get shity on Trump dude! Russia violated the INF treaty with the nuke capable intermediate range missiles you did a story on! Why is the USA the only country expected to abide by these treatise? At least we have the honesty to say we're no longer apart of the treaty!

Dom R says:

Fun size nukes!!!

Perry Weeks says:

If things go quite I would be worried

mikejhonson says:

The MOAB was more than a demonstration, it was a surgical strike

Phil McCain says:

5 KT mini nuke is perfect for bunker busting

B Brunson says:

It’s because Russia and China have had them for years. They are planning to do us.

Phil McCain says:

Lol try and stop it Putin

WindorSolarPlease says:

Don't worry, those who have their fingers on the buttons will be just fine..They just want to play with their new toys (SARC)…

Avis Swope says:


Kevin Bray says:

it should make someone think twice before going to war with us!

Archie Kharpuri says:

Aka tactical nukes used in battlefield scenario against massed tanks or troops and such like.

Amadextruss Intrex says:

i read about the SUNBURN.. Mach 2. Iran bought them? 100 mile capa.

andre swanson says:

The atmosphere has held it's current form but we do not know if it will change it's form. But if it does and the evening is removed woe unto us for what lay on the other side is congregation for all who are living save he.

charles poirier says:

The main idea behind this is the nuclear waist in our country and what to do with it .
You can’t store it and it’s depletion is to slow so it has to be dispersed somewhere .
Most facilities designed to handle this material it has been found out to be faulty .

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