🔴 RSBN Special LIVE Q&A at the U.S. – Mexico Border

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Saturday, February 2, 2019: Right Side Broadcasting Network is making a mini-documentary film about the issue of security at our southern border. We’re spending three days in the border town of Laredo, TX to gather footage and interview locals on the ground. Join Bailee Byers, Max Kleiber, Liz Willis, Jordan Parker and camerman Gage Fuller as we take your questions and update you on what we’ve seen so far.

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Pekka Heikkinen says:

"We was here, there and everywhere, but no ONE picture, photo piece of video LOL"

Pekka Heikkinen says:

These women have really joy the 'great food', and most of it seems to stuck under belts LOL

Roy Del Ray says:

Forgot to add the snowbirds they come every year for winter and many stay indefinitely. Build the wall. Cameras sensors more Border Patrol

Roy Del Ray says:

The Border in Laredo has plenty of business it comes from the Mexicans from Mexico plus they Mexicans have homes in Laredo and Mexico. Many ( Mexicans ) from Mexico are rich, Filthy rich & the poor are poor Mexican singers & artists have homes on USA side of border. We need the wall no doubt but when there’s a need ( want ) they’ll bring it over & themselves. I live on the border Trump was on my stomping grounds a few weeks ago.

Collette AZ says:

I'm more worried about American Children being kidnapped and missing and taken out of the country and sold internationally. The focus discussed is always children trafficked into the US. How much is a blonde haired blue eyed child worth internationally?

J Brewer says:

wtf is that obnoxious addiction to your phones?

John S says:

These girls are WELL fed.

ACW Jansen says:

Why are they not near the border, standing there not showing anything!!

therealjaxon says:

The Femocratic Party is NO better than Hitler's genetic cleansing. Less birthday parties. Very sad.

therealjaxon says:

Great job ! I'm happy that we have American citizens on the spot.

Child of God says:

The locals will give you GOOD NEWS. THEY ARE DESPERATE for tourists who cannot go to Nuevo loredo. The CARTELS are killing at random in that area. Read CARTEL Chronicles published by Breitbart. You'll be horrified.

Catherine says:

Quite the JFK shooter story. Please.

Panda Bear says:

Why can't they stay off their phones…it's sick. They don't pay attention to one another always looking at phones and texting.

H. W.H. says:

Looking forward to the Documentary! MAGA!

Tina Mac says:

You also noticed that they've got guard Shacks they've got Gates and fences that's why it's safe need to get out on the outskirts of Laredo in the desert and you will see it is not as safe as in town

Tina Mac says:

If y'all want the real story you're going to have to get away from town get out there in the desert see what's really going on they're not going to tell you the bad things that's going on there in Laredo I'm in Texas and I'm promise you there's more to the story than what you're getting

Medeirosjoe82 says:

Gosh put your phones down once in a while, if your not speaking your on your phone. Can’t you do that behind the camera? Then if someone says something then pop in.

Cynthia Reingold says:

Save yourselves 44:15 of your life. They r do nothing but tell u how beautiful blah blah no footage of no more than what u see. 4 kids talking. No border shots just them an a dog.

James Spader says:

Not to be me but why did they go to the boarder?

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