Meet Hilario Yanez, The DACA Recipient Who Supports Trump’s Wall

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DACA recipient Hilario Yanez tells the Daily Caller he supports President Donald Trump and the idea of a border wall.

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Laura Bordas says:

I love this manThis is someone who deserves a path to citizenship There are many who never stepped foot in anyplace other then usa AFTER the wall is built Trump will be the one who really finds a permanent solution and as a trump supporter I support that I no longer support either party without term limits congress will never truly represent the people They only care about the next election That is why 50 percent of Hispanics now support Trump

El Arsenal says:

after he gets deported he'll regret supporting Trump lol wtf!!

m s says:

For now I think the wall is necessary, as well as reform, the problem lies with other countries that's Trump called them third world shitholes, if their country would actually adopt what our founding fathers gave us their country would flourish, these third world countries need to have jobs but they need innervation that means education for their people and the freedom to promote prosperity. When people are happy with their country and their job they don't have a need to come over here to take what we have. The best thing us can do is tell these countries to clean up their own crap. Give them our constitution.

bones007able says:

REALLY …. have you been told you don't have to worry about being deported? this guy has no guarantee he will be allowed to stay… yet….trump has turned down every DACA deal he was presented with including 25 billion for the wall … WHY? saying how great Trump is…. will he feel the same way when he is escorted out of the only country he has ever known by ICE?

Vericel Grubb says:

Amazing how educated and appreciative people discuss issues…totally different from the intitled.

Charles Terrebonne says:

This sceamer (dreamer) Shouldnt expect an amnesty So by him to say that hes for the American way He should go back to his country and apply and come to this great nation without an amnesty handout from this nation

bxfinest271 says:

Trump tried to kick out dreamers you dumbass, that’s like supporting your owner when you are a slave !! You stupid fuck

Blackbox29 says:

Smart dude with good morals

Enlightened Awake says:

I have DACA friends who will trade pathway to citizenship no matter what President TRUMP wants, "give it to him" they say.

Lucasee Huang says:

God bless you, Mr.Yanez!

David F says:

He deserves citizenship.

Unauthorized Expression says:

Bullets are cheaper and more effective. Build a machine gun and dig a big hole. Used to be invasions were seen as acts of war. I honestly can't wait for white ppl to lose power in govt. They're all pussies. No other race would allow this shit. Not even Mexicans.

Rosseo B says:

I predict that this dreamer will be in the WH stating these truths — in a week

M K says:

We want a million of this guy


This kid is the 1 in a million.

Lambert Saldi says:

Thank you
God Bless you

T B says:

Anything less than a wall or equivalent border fencing is just more of the same. Anyone supporting open borders the continued flow of illegals, drugs and crime is a lunatic they have no argument it’s not about cost to them they couldn’t be anymore dishonest and they are dishonest we see it every day with regard to everything.

Our border has been open for decades. Our open border combined with bad trade deals resulted in the jobs being shipped out while the drugs, welfare recipients, crime and our slave labor replacements were shipped in destroying an entire generation of working class Americans comprised of all races. The black community should definitely support a wall, drugs and a lack of jobs have destroyed the black community the black family same as it’s destroying many American families.

The left uses race as a weapon, shield and excuse it’s what Obama did for 8 years he wasn’t just a corrupt failure he was a missed opportunity we were ready to turn that final corner with regard to racism in 2008 but it wasn’t in the plan it has never been in the plan when it comes to the Democrat Party it’s their history if people would learn it and search for the truth themselves. They get away with accusations of racism their brainwashed supporters believe it because the people flooding our southern border just happen to be brown and of course President Trump is Hitler. It’s ridiculous.

President Trump wasn’t anything until he beat Hillary Clinton not a racist not anything. His only flaw is he’s as flawed as the rest of us not perfect none of us are. People supporting President Trump are supporting America more than the man. We participate in elections not personality contests.

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