Vice President Pence Speaks to Venezuelan Exiles in Miami, FL

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residentflea says:

It's not OUR problem! Don't you dare allow one FUCKIN' asylum to enter OUR COUNTRY and you better not send one dollar as well ! Nothing for the GOD DAMN WALL. How about restore the 2nd Amendment, how about arrest most of the Dem libtards…. and dysfunctional gov no matter who is in control. You had your chance and thanks for nothing!

l'umanità non fa schifo says:

Another Vietnam, thanks stupid americans

Ro L says:

The answer is they jumped ship and came to the USA -~ with whomever else. The Cubans did the same thing

Neo says:

What about your commitment to the American people? Other nations are always soooo important…. Lock up the real criminals in the American political system, aka Hillary and the gang and then worry about the rest of the world…

supergas1 says:

You fucking dog dick

supergas1 says:

Hey trump you lazy fucking fat whore! The word is out. Now everybody knows how fucking useless you are sitting on your fat ass watching TV all morning and tweeting. You’re a fucking piece of shit can’t wait to see your head explode

BeUnotATVrobot says:

Support President Trump 100%… or look in the mirror and support a 100% chicken shit!!

Swanzi Forbidden says:


Patriotic Justice says:

There's the unhinged socialists who claim to speak for you.
And then there's good people like Pence who listen to you and speak to you.

Swanzi Forbidden says:

Perfect without flaw.

Brutal says:

What a Savage

Longe says:

Gracias, Vice President Pence!


"Make America Venezuela!"

Joseph Tv says:

What's wrong with south American governments greed is killing this region they don't about children.mothers.and old people what they care is just dollar President Donald Trump swipe this bustard leaders in Venezuela period.

American Jesus says:

So I have an important question for the group. Important to me anyway. My grandmother is hard of hearing and addicted to watching gay porn. So the house hounds like a giant gay orgy all the time and i’m Sick of it. It made watching the super bowl impossible! Any suggestions?

Diane Reiser says:

Let’s not get involved in Venezuela, we have enough problems right here in America.

User Name says:

The US wants more oil. The is deep state all over this. Perhaps "the regime" are pulling newborns out of incubators here too? This is so filthy! Do not go to war! Please don't send the US killing machine again! Please!

Paul May says:

I agree, time for action both here and in Venezuela.
Mr. Vice President what actions do you recomend? ? We see the problems created when the values and teachings given to us by our creator are rejected. I say, change your ways, repent of your sins, seek God's wisdom and guidance and pray.

Valiantsin Lapatka says:

>we should stop these illegal aliens. build the wall!
>good thing we didn't built that wall, huh? now we can use these illegal aliens in our political agenda

Tom says:

Dumb as hell VP… a true national disgrace. Helped destroy the Republican Party. Never voting for GOP candidates again. Never.

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