President Trump address the nation in State of the Union l SOTU Intro 2019

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The president mentioned three D-Day veterans and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 50 years after the moon landing.

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the great says:

Love him or hate him, gotta admit this was an amazing speech.

baralah says:

Trump for 2020, and let's bring that unemployment rate at a record low.
People want jobs, they don't want handouts

Steven Lee says:

There is no mention of what the concessions are going to be to the Taliban, after 20 years of lies and fear to the American people, after Americans lost in 9/11 and in the war, after destruction, mayhem, and death and world terrorism. This should be the greatest of all scandals that Trump will give the Taliban amnesty, removal from terror list, ability to govern and run as political party, and above all, billions of taxpayer money. Yet, he still wants war with Venezuela

david forrest says:

Along with the Democrat party some of these comments are embarrassing hate at this level is a terminal illness..Mr Trump is western civilizations savior. .thank christ this great man came forward when he did

Michael P says:

Who in their right mind would vote for the disgraceful Democrats?

Sarah VanB says:

A Great American Adventure: the Musical

Sarah VanB says:

Did anyone else see the one soldier slap the other soldier in the face while he was waving

Robert Shaver says:

Washington Post fact-checking President Trump's State of the Union

roger edwards says:

It's hilarious, i just can't believe they could be so stupid with this late term abortion issue, say goodbye to a huge # of Latino votes with this one.

Jose Luis Gomez says:

#latinosfortrump #trump2020 #prolife #keepamericagreat best POTUS ever! So proud to have a president that love America!

Drank in my cup says:

Didn’t vote for him in 2016 because of the media. But now he’s got my full support in 2020!

ErinCM TheMC says:

MAGA 2020!!!

through put says:

Q. You know how to tell when a politician is lying?
A. Their lips are moving

Hamguy Bacon says:

Ocasio cortez and liberals btfo.
Wow, I haven't seen so many white clothes in one place since the demonrats created the kkk, Must have taken off their hoods indoor.

Stupid News Network says:

This comment section is just a bunch of redneck dick riding trump supporters. Lmao clapping for our America’s downfall.

Not left vs right, nationalism vs globalism says:

I have been in tears, can't stop crying. We already lost 2020.
David Duke and Richard Spencer pick
. Republican Donald Trump
. Democrat Tulsi Gabbard
. Libertarian party Adam Kokesh
. Green party Jesse Ventura
They win either way
We lost 🙁

Veritas Est Lux says:

Nancy Pelosi wishes she was younger so she could bend over and get piped hard by Trump. You can sense her sexual tension and deep desire to slurp on Trump's cock.

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