President Trump Delivers State of the Union Address

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John Gillett says:

How many lemons did Pelosi suck on during POTUS speech ?

The Savior Of Wrestling says:

Pelosi doesn't like that almost 5 million Americans were taken off food stamps. Thats taxpayer money that isnt going towards lazy people who abuse the system.

james R. Santana says:

The demonrats demonstrate who they really are #dumbasrock!!!

Hacksaw Mender says:

Nancy Peloci looks like my mom's old purse.


What a great SOTU!

Elven Mage Jr says:

Pelosi looks nearly as bad as Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Baseborn Manjack says:

nancy pelosi in the background 😉

jeffwads says:

I had to block that hag Pelosi out with a tissue.

johnny granillo says:

Greatest President Alive.

ashley says:

you're welcome:)

Francesco LoGreco says:


kajana575 jb says:

Tonight… President Donald J. Trump won his re-election for his second term as the 45th President of The United States of America(IN A TRUE LANDSLIDE)!!!!!
This was TRULY a GREAT State Of The Union Address… actually… the best EVER… given by the GREATEST President ever!!!!!!!
Thank you ALMIGHTY GOD for giving the United States such a great and gifted leader… The Leader of the "Free World".

kajana575 jb says:

May ADONAI/GOD THE FATHER continue to protect and bless this truly great man, ALL of his family, his administration and THE BEAUTIFUL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!

pcdriver says:

Entirely too much attention devoted to the Republican applauses. It's the Dems who need to be revealed as supporters of socialism and infanticide by their reactions.

Stan Alexander says:

what the f*** is up with our f**** military not standing up them pieces of f**** s*** they're all f**** deep State f**** pieces of f**** s*** we need to just get rid of all them bastards and get us some real f**** military people that really give a f*** about are f**** country I'm so f**** tired I have not seen any of them motherfukers stand what the f*** is wrong with that get the f*** out of my f**** country you pieces are f**** s***

Stan Alexander says:

Something's up wave blows he's acting I think them bastards come up with something to get Trump that son-of-a-b** Mueller and I think blozis thinking she's going to be f**** president so something's going down people keep your eyes open I don't know but I smell something coming on and pieces of f**** s**I wish that all f***** die

Robyn says:

All those democrats in white look like they are off to a clan rally….. Perhaps they are! Pelosi would be right in her element – smug wench.

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