Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Delivers Press Conference

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TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.)

nilolee nilakshi says:

Better use protection not to get pregnant because both ways baby eating illuminati will win. If you abort they will use the fetus in various rituals foods. If you give birth, they will take it to kill it in ritual sacrifice or send it to foster care to make them child prostitute. This person here from Republican he is in this game too otherwise he could not reach in this position.

Hayden R. says:

Top republicans in the senate are threatening him with impeachment if he declares emergency to build the wall or leave the wars… blow up their phones the real people blocking the agenda is the RINO establishment republicans

MrSottobanco says:

If it weren't for Ryan, he would lead the majority.

Dickie Steinbrickle says:

Hey Kevin.why don't we ask Israel for 5 billion dollars for our humanitarian crisis?
Certainly they understand the importance of a wall at a countries borders

Marc Padilla says:

My question is,Knowing how implications work in law and how they help shape public opinion and perspective, Do Republicans actually believe Women support infanticide or full term abortions. If we have sunk that low on either side,America is finished as a Republic. The idea that such a law is a catalyst for Socialism makes more sense in context.


Demonshits are pure evil and should be voted out of office.

The Shocker says:

What an incoherent babbling fucktard.

Right Side News says:

About what?

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