“America Will Never Be A Socialist Country” Trump SLAMS New Democrat Members Of Congress

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“America Will Never Be A Socialist Country” Trump SLAMS New Democrat Members Of Congress

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live from the us house where president donald trump sotu was given, this is breaking news and latest news from the state of the union address
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original air date: 2/5/2019


Mr. X says:

No other president other than Reagan took it to the commies, than Trump did that night!
MAGA baby, MAGA!!!

Sean Smith says:

It's fascinating to witness dinosaurs that claim to be patriotic Americans.

patriot guy says:

It's Donald Trump angels of God in the same room against Satan's Children… listen up Cortez, Bernie ,and all you dumbass crackheads Pelosi is another one behind him if she could stab the our president the back she would, these people suck and I can't believe I have to look at their faces and listen to him bunch of communists dot-dot. You're doing a great job we love you mr. Trump

Harshit Madan says:

Love socialist tears

edmundp123 says:

The look on Bernie's face? PRICELESS!

Mitchell Ocampo says:

Bernie Sanders would rather see the country be destroyed with communism rather than watching thrive with free market capitalism

Watogo says:

Great State of the Union speech Mr President America loves you and heard your words. Right For Life Love our Flag and Constitution, I pledge Allegiance, God Bless America, Merry Christmas, America First, Never Socialism and In God We Trust America heard your words. Great speech. I also notice all those women wearing white were kind of clan looking.

Joe Schlotthauer says:

AOC and Bernie are both Capitalists, but they want us to be Socialists…

Killer Queen says:

Don't let your country become socialist. Free healthcare for all and free college tuition? Your country is already over a trillion in debt. Are the Democrats suicidal or what?

Barro the Broadcaster says:

Bernie got burned.

97things Fast says:

Patriots will never let socialism win!! For freedom, family and country

Arekusu says:

I'll never get why socialists don't understand that PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD HOW TO LIVE.

Kimberly Enriquez says:

This gave me the chills! Great job mr president

Rick Jarvis says:

That's the reason the little airhead looked all pissy. Bernie had that look on his face that said wow I guess I really am an asshole.

paul williams says:

Poor Bernie.

ghosty426 says:

He's talking to Snake Sanders and Ocrazio-Cotex. Who shouldn't have worn white.

Keith McCarver says:

Fake news !! The emeny of the American people !!

Jessica White says:

I love him!!!

Gawanipony 3 says:

The democrats forgot their white pointy hats

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