It Was Enough Fentanyl to Kill 57 Million People; The Largest Seizure in U.S. Customs’ History

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“This amount of fentanyl our CBP officers prevented from entering our country equates to an unmeasurable, dangerous amount of an opioid that could have harmed so many families.”


White Devil says:

I didn't see this on mainstream media. Wonder why.

American Born Patriot. says:

The serial criminal Democrats want chaos and disorder unchecked.

Ezekiel 47:12 Herbs For Healing says:

good job…the dems are thumbing thumbs down..

Jonathan Williams says:

This stuff was stored with food meant to be sold to us

Paul Temple says:

Pity a wall would not have stopped them eh?

Jason Chimes says:

The Dems don’t care. They make money off those drugs from campaign contributions from MS-13!

Blessed Awareness Through Prayer says:

Thanks so much CBP officers for saving so many lives .

Eric Christen says:

We need an efficient permanent wall together with serious border control and severe penalties. Zero tolerance eg lose passport, spend decades in prison with no parole, forced confessions about connections and military strikes on cabal HQs inside Mexico.

skajari1 says:

Wow great job!

edward leroy says:

People don't listen to the news unless it is a tag line on their social media. Three adults that I talked to had no idea of what the Yellow vest movement is. People are in a mental prison of their social media. Breitbart Newa needs to start a social media and have real news in the thumbnails and text loops.

Watching TrainsgoBy says:

The democrats have PROBABLY already issued an apology letter to Mexico and offered compensation and a promise to return their dope!

American Redoubt says:

Declare a National Emergency and then #BuildTheWall and #DeportThemAll

Wazz Zappening says:

The leftists will say. See we don't need a wall now. With the effectiveness and enthusiasm from border officers after the wall is complete, their enthusiasm can be used elsewhere. Maybe in reeducation to Children on the importance of rejecting all that the left stands for.

tyler wilson says:

The person who got caught disliked the video

Super Saiyan says:

Thank you ice saved so many lives!!!!!!

svborek 1975 says:

1 of many trucks that get by everyday

Kamina 1703 says:

The Dumbocrats will still be like "Nah, nothing to see here so we don't need the Wall".


Now the CIA will distribute across America.

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