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The gang murder of 15 year old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as Junior, rocked New York City in June 2018.

The savagery was captured from multiple angles on a Bronx bodega’s surveillance cameras–and so was the apathy of the people Junior sought help from.

Mary Murphy of PIX11 broke the news on Facebook Live about the first, six arrests of Trinitarios gang suspects in Paterson, New Jersey–and this was the beginning of three straight months of investigative reporting on the case for PIX11 news broadcasts.

Murphy quickly put a short story out on the history of the Trinitarios, broke news about about the changing focus of the investigation, did a special report on gangs and how they use social media, and capped these early reports with an in-depth series called “The Junior Files.”

In “The Junior Files,” Murphy reviewed important evidence in the case, talked to the last person who spent time with Junior before his fatal chase and murder, met the women who watched the killing from an apartment across the street, and finally spoke to the teachers at Junior’s high school, where he was supposed to be starting junior year.


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