Mastrangelo Explains What Inspires Democrat Women to Chant ‘USA’

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Breitbart News’ Alana Mastrangelo points out why Democrat women were so quick to cheer Trump and chant ‘USA’ at the 2019 State of the Union speech on Tuesday.


nick ateen says:

Bunch of seals arffing about themselves…while being absolute fools of worthlessness

LilL says:

I have so much contempt for today’s Democrats. Worthless power-hungry socialists.

White Devil says:

Bingo! leftists are selfish and it's always about them. It's how they can justify killing babies up until birth. It's how they can bully children waiting for a bus.

auhseylij J says:

Narcissism. Power. Applause, applause. Fake cheer! AHHHHHH. Tell them that it's all about them. A certain Scripture from 2 Timothy cones to mind. God help them to see.
Interestingly, I heard a very interesting prophecy about Kamala Harris from a very well known young prophet in the Lord who is always spot on. It's at Destiny Encounters on you tube. Many are awakening and this has ar least a double entendre.

The World Is A Vampire says:

Baby killers, formerly known as Democrats

Theodore Jenczewski says:


edward leroy says:

It is not just women, it is the liberal socialist agenda. They are wrapped up in the warm fuzzy world of self for sure. As a sane intelligent public we must realize that a majority of the "mainstream public" is falling into this trap also. People don't watch the news because it is uncomfortable. The children of us hardcore conservatives are staying inside their world of social media where everything is warm and fuzzy and all things that they like. No one watches the news anymore because reality is painful. The world of "social media" is safe, warm and comfortable. If it gets uncomfortable and they have to face the hard world of reality they simply change platforms. Warm comfey land.

Real Human Bean says:

<3 I'm in love

Lee Pureimaginationyou TV says:

Sad but true people do not love the fellow country man they only want power position and money.

Ezekiel 47:12 Herbs For Healing says:

good job your brave

Matt Roberts says:

Def: Narcissistic , see also Democrats Behavior at SOTU

onemanarmy36 says:

Nothing but a bunch of gynocentric narcissists. These so called "women" disgust me.

Saucey Sinister says:

Of course, because these are all political puppets who are after wealth and power.

Tactical Tony702 says:

Praise the enemy . Fk that

Kowboy USA says:

Miz Alana is too lovely to ever be a leftist.

Mike Motor says:

Go to sangar delivers burning speech as kkk gals hang on every word. Need i say more???

xdrfox says:

Satanic Evil demons ~ Child Sacrificers

hawaii50th says:

The demonrats look divided, good. Those in white forgot to put on their little pointed hoods.

hendrix3081 says:

Thats why i move for a motion to put Women back into the home, cause all this Women's movement bullcrap is fake and destructive to Western Civilisation. They literally didn't chant or clap for what would ACTUALLY PROTECT WESTERN CIVILISATION, they showed you their card they will bring more leftist minority women into office. And they will create policy and legislation which will destroy our Civilisation. All in favour Neys to right Ayes to the left!

Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn says:

Why are so many democrat women white? White women voting has been the worst thing for the country, with few exceptions. White men, you know what you need to do. They shouldn’t have voting rights. (And that includes non-white women as well)

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