President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on ISIS

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Dizzy Derwish says:

Sorry, Mr. President, but there is no such thing as "radical" islam nor "moderate" islam. There is only islam.
There is only islam, and its adherents are only more or less active following the ideology.

Dizzy Derwish says:

ISIS are the truest muslims.
Name something ISIS soldiers have done That mohammed Did Not Do.

MannyFresco says:

Yet while Obama and Hillary were running things ISIS was getting "random" air drops of ammunition and guns. Lol why is everyone on the left so stupid?

EndTheResistance says:


mjs1231 says:

To All: the word remnant has a double meaning. There is a story. One of great historical significance and legend. That is the story of the American patriot. People who had nothing yet stood against tyranny and oppression. Gave their lives so others could be free. Free to know freedom and to water the tree of liberty. The remnant is the precious spirit that all people have that thirsts for freedom. It's as precious as a breath of air. It is the core of the soul of the American patriot. They won you know. They had nothing and won. Legendary suffering and death. Something the text books don't fully elaborate to. Yet here we are.

Rylo Ken says:

Defeating Obamas legacy

Angela B says:

Let Islam deal with Islam. No more aide to low IQ countries!!

watcher on the wall says:

The only group not wanting Isis defeated are the Globalists themselves….Isis in plain English is the Islamic belief system

Virginia Campodonico says:

300,000 SYRIANS have DIED
10 millions of SYRIANS

M James says:

POTUS is a very brutal and demanding job, and Trump takes it to a new level. Does he even sleep? He's probably a cyborg.. Or maybe there are like 10 Trumps running around to all these speeches and meetings etc etc

M James says:

What's with the grass in the middle? Aesthetics?

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