SOTU: Trump Honors 10-Year-Old Cancer Fighter And Survivor

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President Donald Trump introduced ten-year-old cancer survivor Grace Eline at his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, hailing the young survivor as a “great inspiration to everyone.”


meow meow says:

One dislike

Vince Warren says:

She would not have to ask for donations if the US had single payer health care.

TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

melanoma looks just like the new Bruce Jenner!

Mark Messina says:

It is fantastic to have a real president .

Mocking Moniker says:

I'm my opinion, she was so adorable she stole the show. Must be so embarrassing to be upstaged by a ten year old when you're the president.

bird of the abyss says:

If she didn’t have cancer perhaps he’d be dating her

jc Hegs says:

She is so cute – I heard an interview with her on Fox – she isn’t precocious in the least – she seemed to just be grateful! And warm. Sweet girl.

Goy George says:

How are the kids in Yemen doing?

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