Vice President Pence Addresses Drug Trafficking

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Watching TrainsgoBy says:

Thanks to all the hard work you all do keeping our children and families safe. It is truly appreciated.

Gabby Mouse says:

Hey, Breitbart, why am I still banned from commenting on your website? Not following the party line closely enough? You're as bad as CNN and Mother Jones. I notice a lot of my old buddies also appear to have gotten the boot.

Amanda Lopez says:

make affordable rehabs

Amanda Lopez says:

you will never win the war on drugs.

Will 90 says:

How about you make drugs legal, eliminated the need to traffic?

American Born Patriot. says:

Why no consequences for serial criminal domestic enemy Democrat government employees, though?

mighty mouse says:

The BIG PROBLEM here is the Democrats and their Mex Cartel payments to keep borders open and continue the distribution of drugs. Ask Nancy Pelosi good friend of Nieto Pena paid by El Chapo 10 Millions dollars.

tommi atkins says:

Hey! Mike. ive a great Idea! Why not have a bit of a PRAY and good ole Yaweh Jesus , the white English god , will make all the drugs dissapear! Praise the 6000 year old universe you fucking uneducated drooling fanatic sycophant.

Vicki - says:

When I first saw Vice-President Pence, he reminded me of Michael the Archangel.

cjay2 says:

Dog and pony show. Nothing will change unless WE force it to change. If voting did something it would be illegal. Just sayin'.


I'm pence's cocaine dealer

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