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The banking royal commission blew the lid off an industry in chaos, and now the aged care sector is in the government’s cross-hairs.

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JPMC 21 says:

Abuse and neglect = families who leave the sick in care home facilities. The media should have asked these people why they ever brought their loved ones out there in the first place. And they will pretty much pause, stutter, choke, cry and hopefully feel ashamed of themselves.

Reynaldo Montero says:

Maybe you arseholes , SHOULD HAD being looking after the same PEOPLE , that HAD given their live commitment to look after you, in earlier years , so DON'T come now with some SOB STORIES . SHAME ON YOU FUCKWITTS !!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AFTER YOUR OWN FAMILY .!!!!

HS says:

Why the hell you leave your parents in aged care?
If you don’t have any emotional attachment with them then how could you expect it from paid workers?

Double faced buttheads when government pays anyone to be a carer then why can’t you care for them?
Stop the crocodile tears

Jane jj says:

Am a caregiver in Dubai, I like working with clients in their homes. Talk to me if you can relocate me. Got experience of 5 years. Naggalye Janet on Facebook

aggo says:

whoever did that to him is a murderer

ADHD says:

Who the hell throws their parents into aged care? and yes your kids will throw you into that hellhole too once you become a burden

Etuate Naiseruvati says:

Just look after your elderly at home,why taking them to the elderly house care, lazy people

Eugene Setiawan says:

You pay to go to Aged Care not to be abuse. Find all these nurses who done this. Jail all of them.

Psytronex says:

Why does Clive overtalk his mother? Every time she tied to answer a question, he'd cut her off.

Melvin Leong says:

it would be interesting if operators went to jail for this, but when banks steal millions and billions of dollars everyone walks free

Mawson EK says:

Are you gonna keep the comments on? Or it's just a political thing and you do it when it suits you?
By the way, we definitely need more regulations for the AC and CC.


OMGoodness. This is why I will live out my years in my home. I refuse to live in a facility of any kind.

Alexander Dunn says:

First with comment, 3rd with like, 68th view

Alexander Dunn says:

Watched it on tv

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