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A “dealer” at a Melbourne music festival has been caught in the act and confronted, after we recorded him showing a large bag of capsules to potential customers.

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Gary Ko says:

The let goyyyyyyy festival???

Howzer The man says:

Why don’t they run these stories when people die from alcohol. If drugs were legal and made sure there no adulterants in it in and safe recommend doses on the packaging would save a lot of people.

John Zelener says:

Well l would like to ask the ACA reporter… Why did he not alert the police before hand instead of questioning him first ? Obviously, give the deal the opportunity to hide the drugs!!!
Its obvious to most people these types of festivals are controlled by the heads of police department. Taking a piece of the pie.

SleepZ 45 says:

Dealer didn't care cause he knew it wasn't drugs,these days most wannabe dealers can't afford the proper stuff so they buy bath salts or crystal salts from the super markets & capsules from the health stores make a big bag & bobs your uncle you got yourself a few grands off spending $10!

Flynn Orourke says:

Hahahahahahaha media distortion at its finest I can't even

Rishith says:

Freakin junkies man!

Andrew Nguyen says:

Wasting your life away, screw these music festival ruining it for everyone and now the gov can ban it if this continues. They did already for one recently.

Aleks says:

I dont understand this? Did people not know that people sell drugs at music festivals? I mean you go there to get wrecked its no secret…

Just Me. says:

Sorry, no sympathy. They choose to take the stuff knowing they can die. They're responsible for taking it so suffer the consequences. Idiots.

Unicorn Emily says:

16th comment

DX Comics says:


Jaryd Weyer says:

I’m against drugs, but how stupid must you be to go up to someone and question them after you’ve been watching them take the drugs. That’s just wrong, you could do some damage to their lives, why not stop them before they take the drugs!

Matthew Creigh says:

I don't see the problem here

Michael Jackson says:

Fire the rookie!

Michael Jackson says:


geoffrey oliver says:

I'm sorry to say but it kind of looked a little staged or he was a dealer that really didn't give a f*** what he flaunted around and it's kind of funny how he has a right poses at the right time for the right camera

Jessedrawingstuff says:

Lol everyone already knows it's just you guys that don't


Wow…. You have turned on commenting

tennis addict says:

Its rare to die from those types of drugs. I went to raves for 20 years and never had a problem.

Just King says:

Everyone has a brain and it's their fault the died from an overdose.

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