Do Walls Work?

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The Daily Caller Explains takes a deep dive into the walls erected across the world to secure national borders.

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D Storm says:

Lebron James, Rob Reiner, Mark Hamill, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, the Obamas…all of them have walls protecting their own homes.

William Bailey says:

So what you're trying to say is basically that a wall won't stop the problem but it did in Israel so is it just the fact that you don't want the problem. Yeah probably so bldg wall works stopping Google immigrants from coming to this country stops the problem of illegal immigrants trying to come into this country pretty simple

William Bailey says:

Balls work Israel built the wall to stop people from blowing other people up because of their beliefs and the wall stopped a lot of that from happening and stop illegal immigration so do walls work simple answer yes yes they do

William Bailey says:

Know the real reason why the walls become divisive and I can tell you this you trying to sound smart this is why it's because Donald trump like wall Donald trump doesn't want illegal immigrants coming into this country and the democrats are against anything he's for pretty simple

haloShAdOwSnIpE says:

I'll save you the 6 min: Walls work.

Luis Lopez says:

Yes they work if you do t believe me ask Jim Acosta!!

Matt Roberts says:

the Wall interrupts steadily increased flow to the Democrat Voter Base Bribery Program , indirectly, Democrats are supported by Cartel Human Trafficking and the Cartel Drug Trade , the money is Carefully Funneled and Laundered at many levels to provide Democrats with "Plausible Deniability" all the while profiting from Human Suffering….. just look at Texas , 98,000 Illegals Voted , and suddenly a Huge Law Suit is filed by Lawyers Paid by SOROS/TYPES

Saffron's World says:

The speaker in this video is too gorgeous to narrate the audio. I'd much rather she cuddle with me every night.

CW says:

Good video, but correction – there is no country called "Palestine" and there are no "Palestinians" and Israel's wall is protecting itself against indiscriminate terrorist attacks & the suicide bombing/killing of innocent civilians…so, it's very different from all other walls and the mere mention of it as an "apartheid" wall (regardless of who is calling it that) is a gross misrepresentation.

Carnelian Topsoil says:

Always looking for a better life instead of working for a better life.

David F says:

That is razor wire at the top of Hungary's fence.

D Mason says:

So Nancy is calling herself immoral since she has one outside of her own house to keep hungry people from asking her for a sandwich? The Great Wall of China like most inanimate objects wasn't immoral it simply served a purpose.

LaughTooHard says:

Hey Nancy, is killing a baby, yes a baby, hello, after birth, an immorality? You'll NEVER get an answer to that question, but someone should ask and film her response. Build the wall. Correction, the United States has NEVER been a Nation of immigrants. We're a Nation of settlers.

Patrick McLaughlin says:

sorry, but health care, education, etc.. are not basic human rights, that's welfare

Alterss Bot says:

Do the walls of your house work?

J B&walter says:

Hungary has every right to set the amount of immigrants they allow in after they've been vetted. 10 legals in sounds fair , equal amount illegals out . in the U.S. 100 illegals out to 10 legals in .

ityou1759 says:

Walls are the results of invasions.

Sattler says:

So lets build the most impressive wall in the world now! Cuz the ones being built arent that impressive…

irredeemable deplorable says:

The only walls that are immoral are those democrats have built to divide our country.

ComplexRealityMusic says:

1:08 3650 asylum seekers sounds like a lot to be called an 'iron curtain'. Especially for a country that is home to fewer than 1 million people.

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