Hakeem al-Araibi returns to Australia after two months in Thai prison | ABC News

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Australian footballer and refugee Hakeem al-Araibi has arrived home in Melbourne after being freed from the Thai prison where he was held awaiting an extradition hearing.

Read more here: www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-12/hakeem-al-araibi-returns-to-australia-after-thai-detention/10802506

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Adid Pratama says:

Iam indonesian. I love free & human right. Love jesus.

Allahu Akbar says:

LOL Federal government loses key vote in the house 75 to 74, good on ya Shorten for slowly opening the way for more Muslims brothers and sisters to enter Aussieland.

denksehno says:

Is Australia using a single high profile case, to improve its negative world image on how it handles thousands of refugees?

Allahu Akbar says:


BudG says:

It just goes to show…. that Australians can't sing!!!

Swind Pendulum says:

I hope Greg Foster will be responsible for his Muslim friend that I am betting will commit criminal actions against Australian society. Check what going in Germany to see the outcome of this stupidity. Imagine Bill Shorten welcoming + 25000 of them on yearly basic. Labor will open the floodgate again.

Allahu Akbar says:


A Christian Jew says:

I was kinda surprised that neither Scummo or Shorten were there, perfect way for them to get a poolitical free exposure card.

Allahu Akbar says:

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar make sure to vote for mr billy man shorten and the greens as they will make it easier for all my Muslim brothers to come to Aussieland, thanks to all those Aussies that stood up and are making it easier for Muslims to come to Aussieland, cheers mates.

Allahu Akbar says:

Great to see a Muslim brother coming home to Aussieland, lets hope more will follow when Labor gets into power, as we will improve life in Aussieland in time when Sharia law is set in place.

Red Man says:

This is what tax payers pay for when that money can go to roads and other places how sad

harry allen says:

He can't even speak English and he's "Australian". Jesus Christ…

me heretoday says:

I love these stories, actually the comments section… the racist and bigots come out from under their rocks and show the world who they are… I do hope their friends and acquaintances see their comments and karma catches up with them…

Welcome home Hakeem al-Araibi

Lachlan Ainsworth says:

Welcome home Hakeem! Nice work Craig Foster, nice work Marise Payne, respect to the Thai government for making the right choice. Fingers crossed we will also be welcoming many women fleeing from Saudi Arabia soon.

deco darling says:

Fabulous. Welcome home Hakeem. Craig Foster you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Drama Llama says:

Fabulous news for a courageous man, and a victory for human rights.

King Crusader says:

This is stupidest thing Australia has done. This Shiite man along with many others took parts in riots in Bahrain against the Sunni King or Emir to replace the him with a Shia Supreme Leader similar to Iran's political system. This rebellion was paid for by Iran. This bastard then escaped to Australia and claimed refugee status. When he went on vacation there Thailand arrested him and was planning to extradite. The protest by some SJW did not have anything to do with the release. Bahrain authorities dropped the extradition to preserve relationship between Australia and Bahrain. The West foolishly always aids the enemies of the Western world and undermine those that are allied to us.

Joseph Tal says:

Welcome home mate

Manu says:

Today we saw the best of Australians. We can overcome hate and racism by sticking to our values. Its the best thing about us. No Australian should walk Alone, instead we should give each other a hand up. ☺

They Want Your Soul says:

BS. They are in Love Obviously, a gay love, affair and He does not speak English ffs I mean this is crazy

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