Indictments against Roger Stone are ‘Watered Down,’ Don’t Involve Conspiracy w/ Russia

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In this episode of “Judicial Watch Inside Report,” Chuck Ross, an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller, discusses the recent indictments against political operative Roger Stone in relation to alleged collusion between Trump & Russia during the 2016 election.

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Tom Jones says:

DC is rigged never speak to the FBI or Congress.

Christopher Sabo says:

What does WikiLeaks have to do with Russia? WikiLeaks gets all its information from LEAKERS not hackers!eating the emails were not very secure and an employee of the DNC got them and gave them to WikiLeaks because that is where he/she/them/they(I do not know) felt the could safely get the information out. If I am not mistaken WikiLeaks is in Switzerland if I am not mistaken!

rmstock says:

A very detailed and well sourced study makes no mention of Roger Stone. The only `Stone' mentioned in there is former tabloid reporter Rob Goldstone.

Father Larsathon says:

Those FBI agents were so brave to raid such a dangerous 66-year-old man and his wife. Way to keep us safe, men! Just don't stop any of the those school shooters out there. They're just expressing themselves.

abc def says:

Judge * Amy Berman Jackson ** SHOWES BIASES !!!!!!
Judge considers gagging order !!!!

assassinate evil says:

Mueller has violated the Rico act, treason, showing favoritism, comprised, purposely charging those who have different political ideology. USjew Inc, Doj r all lawless. Collusion isn't illegal asswipe

leos rule says:

@Tom Fitton & JW Team

Veremetrix says:

That's what we do here at Veremetrix! He did not LIE! PERIOD! Hillary did, Comey did, and many more cast of Democrat characters!! It seems that the Democrats have turned reality on it's head and have been getting away with it due to the extreme bias in the main stream press.

LibertyMatrix says:

The raid on Roger Stone is the greatest evidence that Robert Mueller is not a person in search of the truth.

Veremetrix says:

Yes, But Roger did NOT lie to Congress like they did and MANY more, including Hilary and Comey!

GDPops says:

D A N G E R… They could come for YOU next!
We've somehow gotten a fourth branch of government: 1) Executive – constitutional, 2) Judicial – constitutional, 3) Legislative – constitutional and 4) Mueller Special Counsel – not in the constitution!!

ricksper12 says:

When do we get Mr. Barr for A G.,,, more delay..

4thandinches says:

When are members of Congress going to be imprisoned for perjury, for not only lying to Congress, but for also regularly lying to the American people?

DYESS Ship says:

I hope the President pardons everyone that asshole Muller evicted by his lies.***DR KEL

Lila Abydos says:

draconian > what do you mean with that , KID?

Robert Saltzman says:

I'm happy the way the fbi picked up stone. .. can't wait for the other sides perp walks. .. #lockherup

Gez501 says:

Chuck Ross is afraid to say what he knows. He is sitting on the fence. He must be pretty scared. Remember "Collusion" IS NOT A CRIME under American LAW. Mueller should have an accident and do us all a favor.

Zbigniew Modrzejewski says:

Indictments against Roger Stone are 'Watered Down' ?? This is another WATER-DOWN-GATE .

Moto Gizmo says:

Democrats and their ideas are not the solution to prosperity in this Republic !

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