Invasion of the polar bears – BBC News

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A remote Russian region has declared a state of emergency over the appearance of dozens of polar bears in several towns and villages in the Arctic.

Footage from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago shows the animals roaming through building and exploring populated areas.

We ask the experts why this is happening, and find out what can be done to protect humans and bears alike.

Video produced by Alex Dakevych and Emily Wolstencroft

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Bill Crowley says:

Oh. I thought they were extinct??

MrStanderd5000 says:

They are going to go instinct there's nothing we can do the only hope we have at preserving their genetic code are zoos

Munde Rex says:

Don't mind them, they're just your ordinary Russian citizen.

Marina Radusin says:


Oliver D says:

if polar bears are descending into human towns it is a sign that the earth is getting colder. polar bears don't head south because it is just too hot for them up north. and having the arctic frozen completely over for less time in the year will give them more food to hunt because the food comes from the water. there aren't plants growing on the ice up there, so polar bears rely on sea creatures. this is just more climate pseudoscience. if there were less polar bears in human towns it would be global warming, where the bears are heading further north as it got warmer and if there are more it is also global warming. if there is a mild winter it is global warming. if there is a cold winter it is global warming. i am surprised they haven't blamed volcanoes and earthquakes on global warming yet. probably soon enough. because everything bad can be explained by the magic of global warming.

Alexis Sayegh says:

Poor hungry bears:(

NovemberTheHacker says:

BBC pretends to care about White polar bears losing their territory but BBC doesn't care about White people losing their ancestral countries to massive immigration.

Cindy Brown says:

Humans #1 then cars house property kids the wildlife is last to be considered right? I have to live here with you morons that's the problem.

El Kudos says:

Это подлый заговор запада. Медведей завезли натовские спецы, чтобы под предлогом мониторинга потом шпионские спутники над Россией пускать! Вот вам и доказательство того что всё это "изменение климата" – дурь и пыль в глаза!

Ravindra Kulkarni says:

Poor animals where they will go humans have taken their habitat.Instead of shooting the bears shoot the humans they are the threat to everything on this earth and preserve this blue and green. planet.

Gordon Pattison says:

White Russian

WishmasterTheDark says:

BBC: "Russians harassing polar bears."
CNN: "Russian hackers hacked the ice layer, so the bears would settle in Russia. The Russian interference is real."
ABC: "White people are racist. White polar bears complicit?"

Marxam 1066 says:

Sure I seen in one Glasgow back in 2010. Either that, or she was from Newcastle.

The Black Order says:

A polar bear broke into a flaming block of flats! Outrageous. I just hope the poor things manage to find something to munch other than people.

Bushwhacked 71 says:

Give them free healthcare benefits and a council flat.

Without prejudice says:

Nothing at all to with there being record numbers of polar bears after we were told they would be extinct by now

Sheeple are Lame says:

I wonder what could be causing Polar to immigrate <<< I WONDEE

Anthony johnson says:

Only in Russia…..

Daniel Bostock says:

I thought fuck off. It’s because humans aren’t hunting them anymore so their numbers are exploding.

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