Is Socialism Inherently Bad?

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Professor Richard Wolff, founder of Democracy at Work and author of “Understanding Marxism,” joined Bold TV to discuss his new book, socialism, and Venezuela. He debated with Benny Johnson, a columnist at The Daily Caller.

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Sandy says:

Dr Wolff is amazing, most of us would have walked off! Benny is incredibly ignorant & rude & interviewers were terrible & rude. The way the pink "girl" lectured Dr Wolff, stupid cow! I will never tune into this channel again! YOu are a disgrace!

lenin says:

Capitalism is failing and we need a socialist alternative to save the natural world, humanity, and many other species of life on this planet. It wont be easy but it is the only possible alternative to the Popular common capitalist ideology of today's destructive social and economic system. The saviors of our way of life are modern day socialists and communists. Not stalinists.

lenin says:

Benny johnson… Ok. We will remember… We will

Danny Moore says:

Terrible program. The arrogance of ignorance from the host & reporter on video. You should be ashamed. This is the first video I've seen of your program/channel and will never watch this childish & brainwashed crap again.

Mutineer9 says:

They did not even give him time to Propose ideas. Fearmongering at infinity.

Hugh Culliton says:

Wow – talk about the patience of Job! Wolff was wading through about 3 feet of stupid there and kept his cool – I doubt I could have done the same. How can these people be so profoundly ignorant of the world and yet are apparently still employed as journalists (rhetorical – sadly, I know the answer:-( )? First, they didn't have a phucking clue about the NSDAP or the economics of German fascism. Then they were actually debating – no, not debating – bickering like some Gr 9 students in detention and shining attitude at their teacher. The sublime arrogance of the faux-liberal in full-hypocritical bloom is truly awesome to behold! Telling an impeccably-credentialled professional marxist economist that he doesn't know what socialism is or how it works.!

That said, to everyone smarter than those three vapid morons (a cohort that likely includes several species of fern) they did a great job of proving why exactly why Wolff's book is so necessary.

Jan Erik Rasmussen says:

Blonds with dark hair

rippingtons60 says:

The people are such fools, thumbs up to Prof. Wolff for verbally and intellectually spanking these brats.

Matheus mnz says:

It's so fucking embarassing hearing this moron talk… holy shit. I wish I could have Wolff's patience.

Devin Owpaluk says:

Wolff had the last word. Lmao.

DrynSarcastic360 says:

Capitalists are fucking morons blinded by ideology. Socialists beat them at their own game (see: China's rise).

Joshua Sasfy says:

Y'all some close minded people. Dr. Wolff rocks.

Jason says:

Wolf STOMPED these people.

Alfredo Gutierrez says:

In 2012, Johnson became an editor at BuzzFeed.[4] In 2014, forty-one instances of plagiarism were found in Johnson's writings, comprising almost ten percent of his work. Johnson was subsequently fired from BuzzFeed. Johnson apologized for the plagiarism.[2] 
What a waste of time watching this guy debate Prof. Richard Wolff

Grant Johnston Johnston says:

Hitler absolutely was a libertarian !
All right wing governments must fall !!

Grant Johnston Johnston says:

CONservatives are simply wrong for politics.
The science behind the political brain shows why conservatives lack moral compass .

Too much fear and aggression fight or flight with a larger more active amygdala , and insufficient capacity for processing critical thought with a smaller less active anterior cingulate cortex section of the brain.

This is totally obvious to anyone with a functional brain .
Or at least a more developed brain than that of a conservative !!!!

Liberal brain .

cupoftestosterone says:

God, what a tragedy, that our country still produces such ignorance.

Andy K. says:

Is socialism inherently bad? Yes.
Is water wet? Yes.

PrivatePropertyIsTheft says:

>Muh vuvuzela
>Muh 100 gorillions
Holy shit, this was bad.
>Hitler was a socialist
Oh now, it gets worse.
I challenge this retard to travel to Germany and ask history professors if Hitler was a socialist. I wonder if the little faggot would have the balls to mock them the same way he did to Prof. Wolff.

C L says:

This is a FAIL and you must become Marxists now to make up for it. Then we will spare you the gulag, maybe.

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