Key sporting and medical bodies put concussion under spotlight | News Breakfast

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Dr David Hughes, the chief medical officer at Australian Institute of Sport, speaks with News Breakfast’s Paul Kennedy about “bringing … four peak medical and sporting organisations together” to raise awareness of concussion as a public health issue.

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Oscar the golden toy dela Hoya says:

Fighters get 90 day plus suspensions

Phoenix Swooping says:

Medical researchers have found another big money public health issue and the ABC has found another opportunity to attack 'toxic' masculinity. Everyone is happy!

Idiot Check says:

Injuries and death from sports and recreational hobbies are far more frequent than those from more than half our illegal drugs. Time to start criminalising things.

Crow Eater says:

Thumbnail is of aflw. Because the ABC wants to push the narrative that women in footy are making the sport less physical i.e. worse? Or is it because they want to push the "women can play footy too" narrative and didnt actual think of the optics? Every other clip was of men recieving hits to the head, that would imply to me at least concussion in sport is a predominantly male issue.

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