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I need to tell the truth here….

The truth why i hardly upload videos anymore is because,
well…im not actually busy tbh i just cant be bothered anymore.
I remember when i used to upload everyday, now it seems like im uploading every month.
I truly am sorry but another thing is that nobody watches my videos anymore and my subscribers are going down…
Im just too lazy to attend to my yt channel and again… im sorry.
I might just take a long break, or even quit.


IHteyousomuch :-[ says:

Dude dude dude no no no you can’t quit cuz like…like I’m not aloud to talk to you anymore but at least I can still watch your cool videos and stuff but if you quit your YouTube channel then not just me but lots of other people will be very sad

Staci Berri says:

i’m also loosing subs i’m at 318 🙁

Milki Waiy says:

Noooo plz dont quit 🙁

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