Sheila Pearl’s IntoMeSee Self-Love Coaching Program – TruthTelling #2

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Relationship Coach and Author Sheila Pearl describes TruthTelling: Telling the Truth to yourself about yourself in this second session on this aspect of “IntoMeSee” – her new Self-Love Coaching Program as found on her private Facebook group.

“I see myself with eyes of love and I am safe” – from Louise Hay’s workbook “Love Yourself Heal Your Life”

We begin Window #2 this week – another aspect of your looking and seeing into yourself as you continue to tell the truth to yourself about yourself. As you dig deeper with each conversation and each question, it is important to constantly pay attention to what it is you are thinking and believing both about yourself and your life.

Louise Hay begins her workbook with a list of words such as MEN, WOMEN, SEX, LOVE, WORK, MONEY, SUCCESS, and many more. She invites you to write down what occurs to you when you say the word “MEN” (for example): do you write something like “men are strong” or “men are bossy”? See what I mean?

Likewise, with a different format and approach, I’m inviting you to go through the Truth Telling Questions #2 for this Window #2.

I begin the list with “when I look at myself in the mirror each morning saying “I Love You”…the emotions I feel are…” What is it for you today?

There are only 18 questions for you to consider this week. Have fun with IntoMeSee!

FOR MORE INFORMATION about Sheila Pearl’s “IntoMeSee” Self-Love Coaching Program and your options for working with Sheila, please email her at: or call 845-542-6057


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