Solitary Confinement: How To Survive

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A clip from the Under The Skin Podcast #066 with John McAvoy – listen to the entire conversation on iTunes/Spotify or here:

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Pip Pipster says:

I think we would all cope really well with Russell Brand in solitary confinement.

Owlin' Out Loud says:

Fuck you !!

Uncle Joe says:

Russell Bin Laden.

kvothe says:

Where can I find the full episode of these ?

annihilationHaven says:

Definitely live in solitary. Haven't spoken to anybody yet and I'm 39. I suppose I have spoken to people on a very infantile or "hi/goodbye" level – like I mean 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, but that's about it. It's useless, there's just nothing to talk about with anybody, really. I have felt this way ever since I was 7 years old. I remember that's when I started shutting it down.

Barrrrrt says:

This is inspirational as f*ck. Thanks for sharing.

BrianStyleDeath says:

Russell just talks because he feels like he has to nowadays instead if just taljing because he wanted to like in the past. Trying to prove something to himself maybe too. The acts of selling out and taking alot of drugs have taken their toll as well seemingly.

Matthew Jamison says:

Sounds like he was too much of a pussy for gen pop

tony rooke says:

Russell, why not cover THIS as the mainstream media have decided to ignore it…? Surely, a grand jury review into the biggest terror attack in history is worthy of discussion…

Kelsey Atkinson says:

I love how at 4:05 john realizes that Russel has just been doodling on his paper the whole time.

Patricia Shaw says:

The man of many faces

Linda K says:

WoW. Thanks so much for this moment of clarity. And thank you Nelson Mandela.

D' Telf says:

My exp of solitary was no radio, no books/newspapers, no lights out at night, no pillow & just a canvass "blanket" to cover you. Oh & weeks without any clothes to wear.
Sounds like he had it quite good.

Catherine Louise says:

Engaging the senses helps us to feel human, such a great story. Breathing, movement keeping brain ticking what an incredible guy. He obviously knows how to take good advice. Repetition can help loneliness also

undecodable says:

When you will post the full episode, this guy seems interesting, thank you so mich Russell

Bignose Hembrow says:

1 year in that room and he wiuld have known exactly how many hands and feet to cross the room

fishinwitha510 says:

Thanks russ.
I've been following you on your journey forever 7 years I've been going through the same Journey you have in a way I appreciate you putting your vulnerability on the line and making these videos you've helped me thank you bro

N Z says:

What an excellent episode

heidi summer says:

Great Video.

TI Ted says:

Good clip. Russell Brand gets better and better every year. A true inspiration. Thank you both and everyone involved.

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