Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman – BBC News

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A camera is almost knocked to the ground to the ground while filming at Trump’s “Finish the Wall” rally in El Paso, Texas.

Security staff later removed the crowd member who attacked a BBC cameraman and his equipment.

The incident came after the US president heavily criticised the media at the rally.

Mr Trump checked the cameraman was well with a thumbs up before continuing his speech.

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Pyro Boost says:

Oh wow, he was pushed him. Should of punched the snowflake.

joe turco says:

Who's gonna off this guy?

Dominant Allele says:

Hitler wannabe with nazi' actuale.

Rose Phoenix says:

This is incredible that what I'm seeing when I looking what I how about that that he's saying the wrong message the wrong message and he is afraid of to keep moving forward to the future because he's afraid of technology that that he would not going to understand and he is so much afraid that it will keep him testify but like others all of American people that like to keep moving forward to the future not keep moving to the backwards like the worst time ever the American have in the past the present and stuck in the future right there in the past and the present are there you would never know and he would never know this that either so let me say this again you could choose your homeboys you know we're not living like a on how you say that October or November because we are on in February and then Vine next month you could change of your life right there because you got plenty of time of day in the year because there's always be hope for a new president by the year of 2020 and that will have the greatest time positive of a making of a second history right there this is going to be the second history right there II and believe me Barney that what you see what you look what you listen and what you terrify and you see so much violence like there that the people have been brainwashed already brainwashed already I don't mind Ledisi look and listen so I mean sorry for him I'm very sorry for him

Nate says:

Now the left calls all White people world wide Nazis.

Dark Star says:

Trumpist filth.
It is legal to kill animals in this country, sadly they still claim Trumpists are human.

I doubt it.

Nate says:


NeverMetTheGuy says:

It's interesting that a BBC video is entirely against Trump, while May is shitting the bed. Good job BBC.

flightMC says:

I see 0 difference from this and a rally at Nuremberg

Arthur Chase says:

He attacks the media and sets them out to be the enemy of the people as hitler did to the jews and he acts surprised when they are attacked? Imagine if Obama did 20% of the things Trump does these radical right wingers would get their guns and start killing kids yelling some state rights bullshit which is just a front for them to be and stay racist and ignorant their whole lives.

Matthew 5:10 says:

That’s bad, but not as bad as an Antifa rally

Nate says:

I can't wait till right wingers take over the media, and it will happen, and we'll trash the anti American left for decades like they did us. Then they'll be the media haters. lolololololol

Unreal Theory says:

I can hear the alt-right right now.. "It's the left who are ViOlEnT!!!11!!"

dilitor says:

I wonder who the orange boy ( sic ) is going to blame after He will set the Capitol in fire … for sure the media ! Yanks deserve everything is coming their way … P.S. From the smell , it may be a tsunami of crap.

john bolton says:

BBC is a foreign agent working in USA.
it has no reason to be in MAGA

Arthur Chase says:

What happened to freedom of speech you defend so much Trumptards?

cary bary says:

Bbc helped saville groom children so the trump supporter did no wrong.

HochgeborenKlown says:

maga = orange bag of fecal matter

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