Why Are They Protesting The State Of The Union?

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Protesters gathered before the State Of the Union even began. We set out to find out why.


Jose e Paltan says:

Lol I feel bad for those DEMONASIS!

evilchevelle says:

Lmmfao!!! Wonder woman…. first off cosplay at a protest and wanting to be taken serious….. hmmmmm…… YOUR PRESIDENT has done more in 4 years then husane did in 8! Just wait till he wins again, now all the people that didn't vote will just to spite yall!

ralph salotto says:

RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. How friggin stupid can you get. Two years and still nothing but empty allegations with proof that the whole "Russia" collusion accusation was based on Hillary's pals paying some English turd to make up the fictitious dossier about Trump and Russia.

Jerry M.C. says:

ahhahahaha democrats!

Blaise Compton says:

"Russian interference" ? That's MCCARTHYISM!!! – the Left's favourite boo-word for years and years …

Robert Wright says:

It's sad that their votes count the same as ours

Steve Holland says:

Blatant display of willful ignorance!!

Lumberjack Leto says:

Yes miss lasso of truth there was but it was on Hillary Clinton side dingdong

FireTiger941 says:

:30 If they don't like this country anymore, and want big "socialist" changes, why do they go to Venezuela and see how you like the BIG changes they had there!

Richard HART says:

Wonder Woman looked like she was as high as a kite.

Jerry Coggin says:

No one is ever going to change the mind of these people. They are going to believe what they want and no amount of logic or truth can change that.

Richard Hightower says:

These people have a serious problem with NPD.

Ali Mohammond says:

they people are brain wash by CNN, cause it sound realy familiar!

Rocco Gant says:

bitches should be at home taking care of the kids……..

Hillary For prison says:

These people are dumb !!

theivory1 says:

Did you see that one sign? It reads "This is a Sign".

R C says:

They all need to be put down like the post birth abortion they gleefully support. Even that old bag lefty … good grief Pat call it a life and go down to Florida and wait around to die while watching Raymond Maddow on the idiot box.

Dwight Crumpler says:

You don't like the country….then get out.because we don't like y'all here.

Andrew Mosley says:

Bunch of crazy fuckers.

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