BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally

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A cameraman was attacked by an audience member while covering President Trump’s rally in El Paso, Texas, according to the BBC. #CNN #News


reynaldo flores says:


yak fisher says:

Eat shit CNN !

Johnf275 says:

This is coming from the network who supports and defends Antifa . hahah

gdvlman says:

BULLSHIT talk about creating an atmosphere!?!?!??! What about the Democrats Crazy ass Stalkers

Donald Brookings says:

Wish they put a wall around that dummy

onefatstratcat says:

I will say Trump is good at firing up the crazies… MACA

Brian Lanier says:

it’s on record President Obama tried to silence a reporter and throw him in jail for reporter

Starry Crown says:

I’m not hearing anything about what the what Russians are holding over Trump’s head and his GOP enablers. Follow the money and the compramat….Justice is coming. There is no more political questions left for these corrupt traitors except for how to pay their lawyers.

T C says:

BCC just like FNN…. ANYWAYS! HAVE Y'ALL SEEN EVERY LEFTIST RALLY?!! Nothing but violence!

northerniltree says:

Hitler all over again, spewing hate and racial divide, with hostility toward the media. History will assign Trump to his rightful place as the worst American president to date. McDougal and Daniels would agree.

A D says:


Jesse Leinard says:

Demtards better think twice American s have seen your true colors

Some Dude says:

America is going to shit. Do you see those morons all wearing MAGA hats like they all work at the same place? He’s brought Kfabe to the presidency. Time to move

Paul Gibbons says:

Fair enough. They get told to fxxk off from English demos now. Don't underestimate how much people are learning to hate fake news and propaganda. If you treat people like idiots they are not going to roll a red carpet out for ya.

Waldo Sordo says:

Thats what you get for lying everyday like this goofy broad.

Jesse Leinard says:

To bad CNN liberal I your not jurnolist s your just a bunch of scum bags


How Bizarre Is It To See And Hear MR. TRUMP Pretending To Care About "Asian-Americans", "African-Americans" And "Hispanic-Latino Americans"?

Honest Business says:

⚠️ WARNING If you leave your head up rump’s rump for too long the lack of oxygen will cause permanent brain damage.

BeachBum says:

The economy IS ONLY DOING WELL FOR 25 HEDGE FUND MGRS. AND THE TOP WEALTHIEST who DOUBLED THEIR WEALTH in 2018. IRS reports thru Feb. that 25% fewer returns for 99% and those who get a return will be 8% less. GOP is the party of old white, racist men. PS, Romney is a hedge fund guy who'd fund destroyed TOYS R US, but he banked 5 million.

Richard Garcia says:

Gather a bunch of cowards in the same place and don’t be surprised by the ensuing acts of cowardice. #iwishyouwould

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