Captain America DESTROYS Trump-Loving Fox News Host On Twitter

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Actor Chris Evans is proving that he can be Captain America in real life and not just on the big screen by taking on corruption and misinformation. Specifically, Evans smacked down Fox News host Brit Hume after Hume claimed that Trump was too stupid to know what the Trail of Tears was when the President made the disgusting reference in an attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.
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Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted out an attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren after she officially announced that she was running for president under the Democratic Party’s banner. Trump tweeted out the following today, Elizabeth Warren sometimes referred to by me as pocahontas joined the race for president. Will she run as our first native American presidential candidate? Or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore. See you on the campaign trail, Liz. So that’s what Donald Trump tweeted out. And everybody automatically assumed that this was obviously a reference to the trail of tears. So basically Donald Trump made a joke about the genocide of native American peoples here in the United States. Um, and after everybody was attacking him, Fox News host, Brit hume decided to jump in and defend the president. And the only way he knew how this is what hume tweeted. Yes. Because Trump has noted for his knowledge of 19th century American history, visa vi the native population.
Geez. So, Brit Hume is essentially out there telling us that Donald Trump is too stupid to make a genocide joke because he doesn’t understand anything. Well, at that point, almost like a superhero incomes, Captain America, Chris Evans himself who tweets out the following in response to Brit humes, horrible defense of the president of the United States. Your defense is that he’s too uneducated to have made this offensive remark. Also, can you imagine if another president admitted to not knowing what the trail of tears was by your logic? His ignorance has become normalized slash expected. Lastly, then why did he capitalize trail? This response by Chris Evans was absolutely brilliant. It was perfect, and it touched on everything that is wrong with the Trump presidency itself. I mean, this guy is really proving himself to be a real life captain America at this point, taking on corruption, arrogant, stupidity, and everything that threatens our country today.
Uh, you know, obviously, yes, Republicans are normalizing Donald Trump’s stupidity. They, they did it with George W dot Bush. They laughed it off. They laugh it off with Pailin and Bachmann and all of the others. And that’s not okay. We’ve seen the damage that that can do here in the United States. We’re living under it when you enact policies because you know nothing about political process or economic process or foreign policy that damages the United States. We’re seeing it with the trade wars. We’re seeing it with their environmental policy. We’re seeing it with their foreign policy and withdrawing us from necessary treaties and packs that we have with other countries. So yes, Trump stupidity is damaging the United States and more importantly stopped trying to write it off like, oh, well this guy just doesn’t know history. He just doesn’t know this. He doesn’t know that that is not an acceptable excuse for anything.

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Chris of STARS says:

I love how you always cut through the BS. Keeps me coming back, gg.

Ron Vorpe says:

Captain America battles orange skull and his mindless sheep followers.

queenyt4ever says:

The sooner you Americans realize Dump is not dumb or stupid and this carefully planned and executed take over and FLEECING of America was deliberate.

The sooner you will get off your assets and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Fuck waiting around on Mueller 'a report YOU MAY NEVER SEE!

REMOVE this "administration" before you can't ……

Ismael Aguilar says:

Trumpists always say: "stop putting words in his mouth" , when in actually they are the ones changing his words so he can sound less stupid.

Tony Euphoria says:

This is why he's Captain America.

john allen says:

You can't go wrong when you stand with Cap

danmar1979dm says:

Much love for Chris Evans by , by the way I love your videos

Ken Stephenson says:

If Donald Trump doesn't know what the Trail of Tears is, then he's too ignorant to be President of the U.S. If he does know what the ToT is, then he's a racist idiot and should not be President. He has made that obvious to most everyone.

Nick Ruocco says:

Chris Evans: No you move.

No need to worry about my username says:

now maga people will attack captain america himself for going against their orange god. literally attacking the symbol of american patriotism for attacking their guy. seems like a perfect metaphor for the filth they actually are

Krümel Monster says:

The only "good thing" about Trump being President is we can truly see how stupid and incoherent and full of nonsense this moron really is. But because of the investigations going on he deserves to be in legal trouble and having to suffer the penalty

ޓކހރ-ލޔޔބޚ says:

Oh god, we're now doing play-by-plays of Twitter fights. America has officially reached peak dipshit.

whatsinanameuask ??? says:

Donald Trump kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Mia S says:

Cap's my boy!

theFORCEismyallie says:

As I've heard in a movie once, "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent." That describes Donald Trump in a nutshell.

GiacomodellaSvezia says:

Second after Christian apologetics come Trump apologetics with a quickly decreasing margin. The problem with christian apologetics is there is no way to defend the faith with new arguments (the existing ones having been disproven), while Trump continues to increase his number of bad decisions, scandals and lies, that his witless defenders don't know really how to deal with.
The only thing left to do for Trumplodyes is flat denial of reason.

mw izzie says:

Research what an upside V stands for. Trump likes to do this with hands.

Matthew Kelleher says:

Yes, this attempt of joke was not humorous at all. I found his tweet involving Wounded Knee sometime in January was more atrocious than this one!

Omar Reyes says:

fun fact, in the comics Steve Rogers abandoned the mantle of "Captain America" and became "nomad" because he was disapointed with Nixon, now Chris Evans is dissapointed on trump and he's no longer captain america in the movies, funny how things come full circle.

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