Joe Rogan – Milo Yiannopoulos Has Been Removed From the Conversation

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1242 w/Tim Pool:


dustin scheller says:

This dude's rolling hard on the addy

Orlando Karma says:

What rock has this guy been under?lol

Mags Arkadiusz says:

What kind of a woman fondles a 13 year old boy? She a fucken pedophile

Greg Raines says:

Milo was an uninformed joke. A self hating gay man who bends over for the alt right fan boys.

Kagemusha08 says:

The media was completely hypocritical to eviscerate Milo considering people had written article talking about the same thing in very mainstream left-wing magazines. It was an excuse to marginalize someone they didn't like. That said Milo also brought it on himself by choosing trolling and acting like a superficial rockstar over actual depth.

jhova187 says:

It is the adderall that makes most of these so called “intellectuals” talk fast and nasally

Christian Kensing says:

The best thing Milo did was show the hypocrisy of guys like this

Ami Chotu says:

Milo has become irrelevant and it wasn't the left's doing rather a NeoCon organisation called the Reagan battalion took it out if nowhere. Milo Yiannopoulos has been a great cultural commentator at least an efficient catalyst for the anti left movement. Seeing the hate towards him in the comments section is exactly what he wanted and still wants. He couldn't give a comeback and isn't edgy as he used to be. He's become more egotistical and proud of himself causing his massive downfall.

chima chibi says:

I love Milo.

john benko jr says:

Milo is exactly what happens when you try to make a career out of pissing off the most easily offend-able people on Earth.

somfplease says:

alt-right incels and closet gays really hate milo.

Scott Zotto says:

Why does Joe Rogan's opinion matter?

Steve Lauria says:

Have both Ben Shapiro and Rollins on together and see the words per minute escalate into insanity due to a fast talking dick measuring contest.

Christhyane Torres says:

Fuck you, Joe. I wanna know

TopLift says:

Gotta hate the gay who strayed right libtards

Ryan A says:

This day in age we are more censored then ever before. We are going back in time.

Nick Cost says:

What about white face? Does white people get offended by the movie white chicks? What if they had races swapped and the movie was called Black Chicks?

hardnewstakenharder says:

Milo was silenced by privately run conservative outlets like Breitbart and Simon and Schuster, not the state. Capitalism decided his fate. The system works.

Magikarp says:

I don’t know who this guest is but he looks so mad and ready to explode

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