MOB RULE – Milo Yiannopoulos’ Australian speaking tour postponed

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Milo Yiannopoulos’ Australian speaking tour has been postponed, as tour organisers have said his visa still being considered by authorities.

The letter from the government cites protests at Mr Yiannopoulos’ events as a reason for the delay.

Source – The Bolt Report – Sky News Australia


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im160bpmplus says:

Seriously..? Please try and get these Jew shylocks Tommy and Milo back to Melb
》 The left kill them
》 The left get fucked for it
》 No Yaksley(Robinsons real surname) or Yianopololis
》 Celebrate

J R says:

Violence, Milo wants to speak and the leftists create the issues yet no police bothers to gather them up and push them away so conservatives can have a public chat that they pay for. Freedom of speech has become an issue in Australia. What a joke, Mark latham get on board this one. Liberals have become socialist, turncoat turnbull polluted the pool, they have lost my vote.

heywood jablowme says:

It's simple now, to silence critic give them a label. People are too lazy to read past a headline and the silencers know it.

_ L says:

Scott Morrison is less useful than a wet towel.

fatt matt says:

This isn't anything to do with Milk supporting kiddie fiddling as he claimed it was alright as long as the child agrees with it

millertas says:

Bolt talking about the right to speech NOW THAT IS FUNNY.

Damiencg says:

Rupert murdoch the BOSS

Damiencg says:

why would you trust the liberal party. A mob of traitors allied with the enemy. Maybe Scott should consult with his boss in the USA

David Howard says:

Why should we allow paedophiles into this country? Milo Yiannopoulos is on record advocating paedophilia, and anyone who supports him is enabling child molesters.

Jennifer Wood says:

Wow, way to be garabage, Australia. Fix your country people.

FlamingSoul says:

That's how the world is going freedom speech is out window …sensorship is the norm

Ranting Rosseth says:

The left are thugs, and threaten violence to get their way. And they are getting their way.

Clynikal says:

What a predictable piece

Graham De Lacey says:

this government is not australia's government, its scott morrison's government, we didnt vote him or who supports him in, and its a fucking joke. the left will be removed and they will loose, FACTS.

Mack3nzie Dravid says:

it means the left are allowed to control speech.

xGore says:

Because deep down they know they're wrong or they know their argument doesn't hold up so the only way they can win is through screaming, protesting, violence, manipulation of the law etc.

Violet b says:

Scot Morrison , pack your bags you are gone !

JR Murphy says:

Ewwww what a revolting radicalised terrorist news presenter. What is a conservative? What us a lefty? What is a libertarian? You couldn't even describe what they are

Tim Grosse says:

This is what a democracy is – mob rule. If we become a Republic it will be worth nothing unless it is like USA – right to defend yourself with a gun, right to free speech, right to religious freedom

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