Pauline Hanson & Emma Eros Answer Outraged ON Supporters – Milo Yiannopoulos Sends Support

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“Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain ·
Join me with Emma Eros to discuss the issues you’ve raised.”

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#PaulineHanson #Emma Eros #Milo Yiannopoulos


Geoffrey Field says:

Great post. Now, next in my watch later list… damn, Aus Meds on the same topic. Go figure 🙂 Your work is appreciated Kat. Before I leave, I watched a segment of I think Sky news UK today, on the safe schools ideology. First MSM i've seen on the issue. Maybe the world is waking up. God, I hope so. Cheers.


halal is food offered to their false god allah…..and paid for by us and the money goes to islam….NO halal CERTIFICATION HERE….I refuse to pay for that certification and check all my products before I buy.
I prefer ORGANIC FOOD certification.
Stand up for the TRUTH 🙂

Ranting Rosseth says:

Milo warned by Australia

D says:

I don't really have a problem with Emma personally. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she's taking a risk saying what shes saying. Politically it's pretty stupid. There's the Muslim ban flip flop and Pauline's whole selling point is integrity. They're spending more time defending Emma than talking policy and if Milo can break her the way he did she isn't gonna last in politics. Crying in debates might work for Sarah Hanson Young but it work with ON supporters.

Ibrahim Lewis says:

Halal certification should be in government hands . Cory Bernardi said something about putting it in the department of agriculture , but his plan wasn't clear at all . One Nation now are the only party that will follow through on this . Emma has a platform through One Nation , but I think she better go around & knock on a few doors in Hornsby or at least make herself available at the local shopping mall for people to bring her local concerns about Hornsby area .

Larry Rudedude says:

That Milo interview was a slipping of the mask I tell ya.

Brettox Benzyme says:

I'm not buying what Pauline's One Nation is selling …

Thanks for posting Anirtak76

Anirtak76 says:

FYI to the trolls.. you are a bunch of cowards… I am not the one hiding behind a keyboard.

Anirtak76 says:

I forgot to turn the pre-text off… lol oh well probably wont leave up… was an FYI stream

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