Prosecutors speak after Jury finds ‘El Chapo’ guilty on all counts

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Trial prosecutors hold a news conference after the Jury finds the Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman guilty on all 10 counts.

Count 1: Engaging in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise

Count 2: International Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Marijuana Manufacture and Distribution Conspiracy

Count 3: Cocaine Importation Conspiracy

Count 4: Cocaine Distribution Conspiracy

Count 5: International Distribution of Cocaine

Count 6: International Distribution of Cocaine

Count 7: International Distribution of Cocaine

Count 8: International Distribution of Cocaine

Count 9: Use of Firearms

Count 10: Conspiracy to Launder Narcotics Proceeds

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Katrina Ave Maria! GiaDimartino 1 says:

Just a Drop in the Bucket. How many more are there?

Dillon Jonathan says:

At least give him a tv.

Don G says:


Jeorge Rodriguez says:

El chapo didnt. And wasnt only one smuggling tons. He was just target because he managed the empire. While zambada. Is ceo. Tons. Just. Crossed under their nose while everyone focused on the news. The cartel still there and stronger hell yea

cfm1181 says:

this is racism

Rename Murder says:

All the opioids he must of sold…..what pharmaceutical company did he run?

Dan Reidy says:

Think of how many millions of tax dollars could have been saved with ONE 9mm round.

Dutch says:

Did the Clinton Cartel (Foundation) get donations from el chapo?

Dutch says:

Execute him so he doesn't run his cartel from prison

whopper dopper says:

Why is this idiot thanking every prosecutor ,AGENT ,paralegal, etc by first and last name? So guzman and his minions can come back and retaliate against them?

Dutch says:

I hope ex president Nieto got his hundred million up front.

Bonnie Baker says:

Now connect the dots. Everyone he & his organization have been paying off in government

Darrin Crowell says:

Does this mean the government can seize his assets and build the wall now?

Gabriel James says:

Nice work Us gov, convict another one of your insider arms and drug dealers…just like Bin Laden, an easy fall guy for the career CIA and FBI agents smuggling drugs into our country. END THE CIA, END THE FBI

Black Republican says:

Regardless if he goes to jail someone else will take he's spot. Just few weeks ago Mexico predicted 2019 would be the worst year for them in history base on the endless bodies they come across. The rulers of the hive must be all put to rest!!

YouTube Moderator says:

Starts at 32:30

Flat Earth Preacher says:

Fake news just a media stunt like the OJ trial BAM

Christopher says:

El Chapo is only being targeted and singled out, because he moved TONS of COCAINE across the USA border.

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