Russell Brand’s Daily Self Care Routine

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Random Dude says:

Lol these comments are cringe… it’s all these lonely wannabe artist women who want to blow Russell. It’s decent advice or common sense but these ladies prolly ignore guys just like Russell daily and then yearn for celebs and wonder why they are alone

Dan Cenow says:

1. some meditation
2. some exercise or dancing
3. being creative in some way, like playing a musical instrument
4. stopping some animal cruelty by informing someone of what happens in slaughterhouses and that they don't need to pay for it
5. proper sleep

Wodjimicallit says:

5 rules per day
1. Have no rules
2. Get smashed
3. Do what you feel like
4. Shut up
5. Have a shave


Tell the reptiles SHIVA has sung now and he's shanty with them if they wanna make peace and sort all this out I'll help them !! But the holy grail ain't a prize and I can't be used for material gain and if blue SHIVA is mad take me to the bed no straps I'm ready to LEAVE for good this is my final coming!!! SHIVA is tired now !! He wants to know if his kids are his he wants to know if his dad's his dad or I'm my mom's brothers work!!! The immaculate conception hey

Alpha Centauri says:

Aw, you look like a Rishi, Russell!

FoWo says:

Humility and gratitude i am exploring more the first being very hard but helpful. The second seems simple but has much more nuance than expectedly

Wodjimicallit says:

How about having a shave, kind things for other people and all that….


3 wishes 1) bring families back together your Cain may have something to do with the older generation in the west!! 2) we all work to grow food for ourselves and it's free for everyone 3) make sure all hate is wiped out and all the lost boys get their mothers back !! And if I'm aloud 1 leave me and my son alone stop giving him adhd meds and let me teach him what I wanted without your system telling me what's best for young boys cuz Peter knows best cuz I don't get them tingles off kids a white old man can't even look at kids anymore these days because of you pissy popes!!! Back off all you will have a April fools day filled with rain ☔

Tony Wilson says:

My fellow human being Mr Russel Brand, Thank you so much, I am 3 months sober, no more social media ( Facebook) I haven't done any dope in 3 months , not smoked any tobacco, I am reading Patti Smiths books, and writing songs. Thank you for being the example that made me take that 1st step towards wellness and spiritual growth. HAWA!!

Steve David says:

Kindness fine but not if they take kindness for weakness

BV TheDude says:

Added Meditation this year, and there's always something to learn in my line of work, so in addition to the first three, I seem to have it covered. Thanks Russell.


My dad didn't pass any gold in to me just come back for his son at 16 and took me to the land of smiles!! I'm must find one's self in the land of smiles ain't that right lovely lizzy

Renee LaPlume says:

i can no longer find the direct way i used to write to you online, nor can i find those messages!… what will i do. i would like a private way to communicate with you!

Wing Chun says:

Get a good night sleep. What a difference it makes!


Pans back to take away hands and miss pipes then we all can taste the pan pipes and be happy ☺

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