TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 12AM 2/12/19 | Fox News Feb 12, 2019 | The White House

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Just Keef says:

Instead of a wall maybe we'll get a RICO charge for organized crime and take down the entire Trump Crime Family — Then we can put this shameful period in history behind us and -Make America Normal Again !- The Fake Fox News Presidency dies before your eyes !

Julie Monarch says:

Don't sign it President Trump! Dems are sneaky f**ks!

mary travioli says:

Dont Do It!!!!!!!

Kenneth Gray says:

1. Mexico is not paying for the wall directly or through trade (hence why trump wants taxpayers to pay)
2. Obamacare hasn't been repealed like he promised.
3. No evidence against Hillary that he raved about, she is still free.
4. No infrastructure bill.
5. Coal hasn't come back, and is losing more jobs.
6. North Korea is still building nukes, and laughing at trump. Which hurts our world standing and perception.
7. The deficit is going to a trillion dollars under trump, contradicting Right-wing talking points about balanced budgets and highlighting Republican hypocrisy.
8. Iran is emboldened and mindful of trump's weaknesses.
9. trump has increased the toxic political swamp
10. trump has not been able to make "great deals" with congress, even when he had Republican control of both chambers.
11. trump didn't hire the very best people like he promised.
12. trump owns the longest government shutdown in United States History. Seriously, it'll be in the history books. 13. trump's administration has had the most firings/resignations in history,
14 The Carried Interest Loophole is still alive,
15 trump lowered taxes on the rich but not the middle class like he promised, instead taxes will rise for the Middle-class.
16. trump's budgets have cut Medicare and Medicaid, programs which elderly Republicans (Baby Boomer generation) are most likely to be affected by and even depend on.
17. trump's trade war is stagnant and that does not favor the US.
18. trump didn't label China a currency manipulator on day one.
19. ISIS hasn't been defeated.
20 Our troops (family and friends) are not leaving Syria like trump promised.
21. trump said troops would come home and troops are still in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
22. There are illegally immigrants working for him. The ones he says bring crimes and drugs.

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