Russell Brand’s Feelings Of Shame

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Do you ever get feelings of shame? How do you deal with it?

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lucifer kjeldsen says:

russel your so intelligent, i wish one day i can find peace inside like you have, i have followed you since the very beginning , and i came back to you each time my life was in a crisis, thank you for all your messages you are loved

BIGD_OSpinner says:

I feel shame, but not bc of what I did in the past, but bc of what I lack—poverty, has effectively become something that has marked me…

Tiny House Girl says:

A conscience is like a navigation system that lets us know when we're getting off course. I think guilt and shame is what we feel to let us know we need to correct our behavior or direction in life. Like any valuable survival skill, we need to be trained how to apply it. If we build it up to direct us to make healthy and loving decisions in life.

Trina Baker says:

When I feel ashame of something I have done, I analyze it to see if it is something I need to be more conscience of or maybe it's just I am being to hard on myself. Sometimes it's just a normal mistake that happens from being human. Like … maybe I was unkind or unthoughtful … maybe I lied or hurt someone in a small way. I appologize and make an effort to make a genuine amends … or what ever I can do to right it. I try not to just overlook it and excuse myself. I try to let shame help me grow to be a better person. To me it's not a negative feeling … it is a helpful feeling that helps me be better. Of course … once I am rightfully ashame I try not to do it again. When someone tries to shame me I feel they tresspass. If they were kind and seeking peace and love they would not try to humiliate me. They could in a sweet, kind, loving, generous way make me aware and then give me the opportunity to adjust myself. I would like it if people treated me that way because that's the way I treat others especially my children. I never shame them but when they are ashame I am ready to help them see that everyone … everyone makes mistakes. If it is something more serious I help them think of ways to turn it around so they can be proud of their actions. How wonderful it is to say sorry or right the wrong for good relations with others. I am always looking for ways to train my conscience so I am not ashame. … to be more thoughtful. If though I truly hurt someone or caused someone severe trouble I hope I would feel deeply ashame and not do it again and go to great lengths to compensate in a very meaningful way. Wouldn't it be nice if bullies and theives and criminals would also feel that way … wouldn't it be nice if everyone felt that way ? Somethings we just can't go back and right so we do have to let those things go … there's nothing we can do about it but to learn from it and get pass it. Nobody is perfect and everyone has bad times in their life … everyone. I do believe there are times that people should live with shame … as in murders and pedophiles. Maybe the shame will keep them from repeating the crime.

Lisa Durante says:

Mighty companion Russel, don't stop! The ideals voiced through you are what I want to fill my day with.

junko libertines says:

You are my “social network” mentor

Shoshanaa says:

Yay, it’s Russell Brand!!!!

Annette Thomas says:

I love you, Russell. Thank you so much for sharing. God is doing great work in you.

Leslie Traveler says:

It takes a village, everyone deserves love and acceptance. Much respect Mr Brand. You always inspire me.

Carlos Garza says:

I love you Rus thank you.

Betsy Hand says:

Darling ~ Thank you. ❣️

Mahmoud Michael Ajaj says:

i fricking love u man. you cool as eff and that voice. i can listen to u all day .✌️❤️

Kat James says:

"Shame is the shadow of the ego." I am in recovery. I know I lead with ego. I knew that before going into my 12-step program. Although I'm working on practicing humility I am not so egotistical that I don't know when my ego is causing me to stumble, or keeping obstacles in my own path. I began meditating and setting my intention very recently. I am committing to just five minutes daily. I want to get a routine of that going and then I will add on. Today I set my intention to notice everything around me from a joyous standpoint. Starting my day off that way made my mood stay positive even as I write this 12 hours later. One day at a time.

Brian Rick says:

Let your love light shine

Mailer Daemon says:

great content Russell! Keep it up!

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