Trump Honors Daughter, Grandchildren of American Couple Allegedly Murdered by Illegal Alien

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During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Donald Trump honored the family of Gerald and Sharon David, a couple allegedly murdered last month by an illegal immigrant.


mightisright says:

Crossing the border illegally is a crime and the punishment should be a forever ban on ever becoming a citizen. The punishment for employing illegals should be a 2 year mandatory prison sentence. If farms can't function without slaves (which is what illegals are) they should be put out of business.

Matt Roberts says:

the NAPA Valley Wine Billionaires pay NANCY good money for GRAPE PICKERS …… who knows how far that Cartel money has penetrated the Democratic Party

Hoplite Warrior says:

As expected,Nasty Nancy Pelosi has that look of IDGAF when it comes to the death of Americans by the hands of Illegal Aliens and such. Illegals are all criminals even if an illegal hasn't committed murder of an American here on U.S soil.

cma wpg says:

Obama celebrated the criminals.

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