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Gina Cool says:

There r less taxes !!!!

Vicki K says:

This was before Donald Trump began President…While I was at work, a man sat on the bench and told me he was an illegal and he was looking for a really good job. He asked, "Do you think Donald Trump would give me a job if he becomes your President?" I asked, "Like what?" He said, "I would help build a wall. Mexico has a wall." He told me a whole lot of stuff about Mexico. He understood about a need for a wall…Go figure….

kevin patton says:

The dumocratic libertard way, lie lie and lie some more, till the sheep believe it

Bryce Anne Hopper says:

The media rules the ppl. Sheep

Christian Kelley says:

The IRS should be abolished anyway

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

This again exposes the screwed up liberal mainstream media who think all Americans are stupid and believe their blatant out right lies. Love to see when commie Sanders his a brain fart

CalamityEnsues says:

Could that possibly due to paying at a lower tax rate? A refund means you OVERPAID. Nevermind, Mark covers this at 2:08.
Regardless, i actually got more back this year than last so i guess it's a win-win. That's the way it is with Trump; win after win.

dave marnell says:

So if he cuts taxes, he's an asshole, and if he doesn't cut them enough, he's screwing everyone.

dagger3k says:

Yes he was having a technical difficulty his audio processor was crashing there fore he could not hear anything

Rick C says:

I did the math on my own taxes, paid $ 2080 less in taxes this last year throughout the year, my return was ONLY $100 less. Only an idiot would NOT see the savings . We did get a tax cut

long drink of silence dude says:

Trumps plan screws lot tax payers in certain states now that there is a limit of 10,000 that can be declared as tax write off for home owner taxes . Overall it may be good but it is on the back of others.

Judge Smails says:

It must feel good for the workers building the wall.

Dbo Baggins says:

So simple the Sheeple don’t get basic Math…….lol

dieselrotor says:

I gave up trying to explain to morons that a refund means You overpaid. All I got in return was "Orange Man bad".

Daniel Ferris says:

Idiot's Reserve Savings just isn't paying off like usual.

john pershing says:

He didnt say your going to necessarily get more refund money but that you would keep more of your money. U.S.A. has amnesia

Emilee Eaton says:

CNN should fire Don Lemon and use the money they save you update their audio equipment. Lol

J T says:


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