So Sad

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Robert Moeser says:

Well, that's it for REM for me. I refuse to listen to or support whiney little bitches!

Reiner Hohn says:

The Demonrats are such a ridiculous conglomerate of humourless lunatics 馃榾 and astoningly enough the keep getting worse!

Eric Clapper says:

My son said REM should be thankful Trump sent out the meme since that's the only way 95% of America will ever listen to their crap soy infused music. Lol

michael bruscini says:

People think that AOC is "cute"? I wouldn't to her with Michael Obama's dick!

ZooSolo MoHambone says:

Can you try and sit still while you are talking, it's very annoying!

nineballing1 says:

R.E.M, probably the most overrated bands of all time, need to thank President Trump for breathing life into their washed up careers and tired lyrics.

Thad Joseph says:

Mark…the REAL news!

Joe Hayward says:

Love your vids

ZephoN says:

You should write a description of the video in the video descriptions so we have more to go by to find this video again than, say, "So Sad."

iutrteiu sakljdsaj says:

Sweet….. Free chairs!! Free money!! Free everything!! Sign me up.. Cool society.. Oh wait flash forward 1 yr… What I found out is that I am a ditch digger making the same amount of money as the person with the desk job and I work 4 more hours a day than him / her… Fu*.K- IT… If I quit my job do I still get free money$$$…?? Of course I quit!! 400K other peeps have the same Revelation… Society falls in my country.. Sound familiar??? Just today they started shooting their own peeps:)

A Hole says:

Hay Mark! You should make shirts with a Replacement Liberal Flag (LSA) Liberal Scum Of America!
You could probably sell them to the idiots

davidpar2 says:

Lol. Cry is a river, rem. The meme is already out there

lordvishnu says:

I love every video you do — well, in general, but specifically — that focuses on Cowfarts. Please more Cowfarts Cortez!

Gtrain Wreckhouse says:

Every time you upload a video, it just makes my day. Keep it up no matter what the dumb media thinks

Louis Pulice says:

Look at Cory Booker look at how he smells he's going to smile for America what a phony

Christian Russell says:

REM has always sucked.

Doug M says:

Mark Dice…that evil RIGHT WING COMMENTATOR! lol Faker than fake news from the fake news meisters SJW MSM.

Robert Whiteman says:

Rem are they still alive lol they suck anyway trump just gave them a chance to be back for 5 minutes of fame again

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