DHS Sec. Nielsen: 'ICE Interdicted Enough Fentanyl Last Year to Kill Every American – Twice'

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DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified Tuesday before the House Homeland Security Committee on border security.


GD Blackthorn says:

There is the real national emergency!!!!!!!!!!

india m says:

You people in the government make it easy you made it easy for people from other countries to enter the United States with a large bribe. Who in the world offers Americans anything? Illegals know a well as the world know they can pimp America. Your words mean nothing to them. America they can show you better than they can tell you. The illegals are raping America.

bladeimm says:

Just get f*cking serious with the laws already on the books for God’s sake. You people are making me sick. All you do is talk, talk, and more talk. Do something for Christ sake. Impeach Clinton like you said, start mass deportaions and militarize the border till you get the damn wall built.

jon don says:

the only solution to this problem is to fill up a crop duster with this fentynal and fly over the jungle where the cartels are hiding and spray them with it.

Joe Schlotthauer says:

How is this NOT a national emergency….

James Eastridge says:

Make it LAW,whoever CONVICTED OF making,sells,deals fentanyl,,AN IMMEDIATE DEATH SENTENCE ,,,

Stella Y says:

Wow! and evil Polosi and Schumer are not doing anything about this! UNBELIEVABLE!!! am speechless.

Dark Dan says:

Tell me about Perdue pharma…

Dennis King says:

Wow! Speechless!

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