DHS Secretary: Fentanyl Is Killing Drug-Sniffing Dogs

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DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified Tuesday before the House Homeland Security Committee on border security.


Jeffery Thorndyke says:

The democrats are drug smugglers

MannyFresco says:

You know what's funny Democrats claim "Russians and Trump collusion" but 95% of the Democrats are using Soviet tactics, policies and ideologies.
Especially their King Bernie Sanders.

Dana May says:

Have narcan on hand for the dogs too. 🙁

Gabe Kis says:

WOW, how dangerous is that. They should give the dealers a dose of that in their sandwiches. I feel so sorry for the dogs. Poor things.

Donna Valentino says:

And still the Dems can not comprehend that this constitutes a crisis and are focused on POT
being so bad for society. Unbelievable!

Jessica S says:

I'm wondering when these clowns are going to start working FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We need to declare WAR on MEXICO, now.

aj says:

Videos like this make me remember how much I hate disgusting Fucking liberal scum that call these people evil.

amerocker says:

Simple solution: kill all dealers, smugglers and users. No more epidemic.

bladeimm says:

Really simple, our government isnt doing a good enough job.

jujy fruitz says:

And hes asking if its a crisis?

Karma Karma says:

Dems have not been able to restore any peace and order at the border for 2 years since the American people elected Trump president. The latest and biggest bust of 254 pounds of illicit fentanyl in the US history at the border last month said it all. The record of 254 pounds of fentanyl caught at the border could have killed 100 million Americans, which are about 1/3 of the US population. Also, caravans of illegal immigrants are invading our country by illegally crossing the border. The massive influx of illegal immigrants will seriously cause irreversible damage to our national economy and security. We need to stop drug and human traffickers and other wrongdoers from crossing the border immediately. As a result, declaring emergency at this moment is the right thing for Trump to do. It's for our country and for us all.

Abigail B says:

Just when I think the border crisis could not piss me off more….I hear this. Children being trafficked and sexually abused and now dogs are dying? You can not be more innocent than children and dogs. Build the damn wall NOW

Joe Schlotthauer says:

Let it all go to California and we can start with a clean slate…

Christoph Grambach says:

Fentanyl has the potence of 120 to 1 to morphin!! heroin has a potence of 2,5 to morphin,that says a lot….

Dark Dan says:

Doesn't think drug come from China?

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