Breitbart's Jerome Hudson to the 'Leftist Plantation': 'They Don't Own Us and They Never Will'

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Breitbart News’ Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson gave a powerful speech on how to fight the media establishment at a Blexit event in Richmond, Virginia, on Sunday.


prllc says:

You are a true patriot and American Jerome !

Micheal Scott says:

BEST speech

Glen Hesketh says:

Wasn't John Wilkes Booth a Democrat actor?

Thor Odinson says:

No such thing as white men brotherhood or black men brotherhood: it's honest hard-working patriotic men brotherhood and most celebrities don't belong in here. But Hudson on the other hand: thank you so much for speaking the truth.

Robin Giusti says:

RIGHT ON Jerome! Stand up people! It is time to fight back. We are losing our great country. USE YOUR VOICE! What do you stand for? I also wanted to point out that I think everything the left is doing is backfiring on them. We are becoming UNITED! The left think white people are stupid also. Well news flash we see what the left is doing and we the people will not take it.

Susan C says:

Well said sir!!!!!

my3stooges says:

I love that story about Abraham Lincoln. I just subscribed to Breibart News!

HugsBach says:

This young gent, reminds me of Frederick Douglass, a free Black, ex slave, who established the first Black newspaper. He was respected by President Lincoln and the Blacks whom wanted to fight slavery and Democratic Party, formed Corps de Africa, all ethnically diverse non White troops fighting for all Americans for freedom, it later was changed to become US Color Troops. This is history found in the Official Records of the Rebellion. Want to see Democrats agenda then and now, read Confederate Congress records in the Navy's Official Records of the Rebellion. This Democratic Party invented Luxury tax, Income tax as to pay for the Civil War. Watch the movies Glory and Gettysburg, Gods and Generals. Its a speedy way to get a general idea of what is going on, IMHO

Kathleen says:

God doesn't see black, white, brown. He sees His children.
Trust God and live free!!

Force Ghost Burt Reynolds says:

I only cried a little bit near the end 🙂

Epifania Nonu says:

GOD bless you and God bless President Trump and God bless us all love from NZ

bennocelt says:

what a great speaker

Ananda Tandava says:

Hi blexiteer warriors!!

Greetings from a brexiteer UK!!

We are Fighting the good fight!
We have a tough journey ahead of us.
These psychopathic parasites will not concede their power gracefully, so buckle up and strap yourselves in….it’s gonna be a rough and bumpy ride!!!

Live long and prosper and stay true to your dreams.
Stay vigilant!!!

And trust NO ONE in office….


If o’crazyio castro can do it….ANYONE can do it!!!!

God bless and good luck!

Steven Bergh says:

the blacks are scumbags, there are 8 billion of these satans on earth, they must take a boat rode to africa!! They must Fuck off!!!

Think Mackay says:

Black Americans, watch the movie Hillary's America in which LBJ was recorded saying that Democrat Party had achieved the goal of "MAKING THE N*** VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS."

BPJones Jones says:

Excellent speech. Folks all across this country are waking up!!

D Allen says:

Bravo young man! Keep the faith be safe, praise God you found your voice.

FinnMoon Ratzo says:

That was great!

NorthCoast LakeErie says:

Thank you Jerome. Bless you!:)

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