A Middle Eastern Woman's Plea to All American Women: 'You Really Don't Know How Lucky You Are'

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Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition leaders and supporters gathered on Capitol Hill Wednesday to call on Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign over support for Sharia law and antisemitic stances.


Yasaman Khoshbakht says:

U dumb woman,So tired of the people who make middle east look like one arab country , this is the hell you came from and u cannot extend it to the other countries of middle east.if u are not educated enough to know that, maybe u'd better keep being slave to ur husband

Yasaman Khoshbakht says:

This is so ridiculous, just because ur husband makes you do all the shi* doesn't mean all middle eastern women are like this. Middle East is vast so dont generalize your country and culture to the whole middle east. In my country , Iran there is a pressure from regime on both men and women , but Iranian women are more educated and active in the society than even men and men of iran are mostly very understanding and enlightened, and stand with the women to fight for their rights

Destiny tran says:

Not just in America, in many countries too, such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, etc. Saudi Arabia is on another level. It’s the only country that control woman like a little dog. It’s insane.

raedwulf61 says:

Women is pronounced "wimmen."

Homebody Heaven says:

We are so “lucky” to be women in America because America is a CHRISTIAN nation. Jesus treated all women WELL, and so do faithful Christians. It’s too bad so many women in America are infected with the Jezebel demon spirit—ingrates all!

C J says:

Thank you Breibart for giving women like her a platform to be heard

Freedom isn’t FREE says:

Thats just Not true…After all men in America are so Evil ,weve Allowed women to whatever they damn well please…..

Ennard and Circus baby says:

MEW organization are right,freedom is the best that why I came to America. If these fool America voters vote for socialism and Shia law. I can’t wait to watch these fool suffer. I don’t understand why every country want to come to America to have the right and choice to choose . But these fool want the government to control them . If you want to see how socialism work or Shia work . You all should take a vacation to Middle East or come to any communist country and if you like the way the government control you than come back and vote on it . But now , don’t listen to dumb democrats want to control your live and the politician official can do whatever it wanted. I been there and live with socialism and been to Africa continent ( Shia laws great for man but fuvk up for women take all women rights)and I say fuvk them . But if I am wrong. Please move there and tell me if you like it .

Hh Mm says:

This bitch is lying when everyone got the internet and more communication with other. The middl east is not Saudi Arabia. Lying is not working anymore.

Jon Gruntha says:

I wanna call on all Congressmen and especially women, stop taking Jew money to help bastard Israel who have NEVER helped us. If you lived under TRUE Biblical law you'll want Sharia instead. Read the bible and find children condemned to death by Jesus just for cursing deaths, pagans condemned to deaths, women having no right to divorce. Lol "wake up".

Jon Gruntha says:

Lol wake up to what? We already woke up to AIPAC and Israel funding the Congress. Omar is a true liberal and whatever she says against Israel is valid.

samuel mcgill says:

it would be a shame to hide this womans beautiful face

Marc Padilla says:

American women disparage themselves with consumerism and hedonism. This approach to break up the traditional family has done wonders for the economy and courts in terms of divorce ,child custody, prostitution, human trafficking, and drug epidemics in recent history.

samuel mcgill says:

get rid of the sharia law and become a christian and you will reap the benefits of the lord.

Adrine Khederlarian says:

1915 Turkish kills one half million Armenian people because Christians muslims reilgion HALAL to kill non muslims kill the enfdil kofar and stole money and rapes and convert to islam HALAL for Muslim religion

m s says:

Year..Islam .It's shite and everyone knows it.

samuel mcgill says:

in america the husband is a slave to his wife

Greg Specker says:

Beautiful. And a lot of the American women are obsessed with calling the Christian men here the enemy. Lol. That's why all the guys with a brain and a goal in life are marrying foriegn ladies.

Pam Johnson says:

Not lucky, we were born in the land of the FREE and Brave, under a Constitution that honors our Western Values. These cane from the Judeo-Christian foundation of AMERICA, and obviously separates us from barbaric Middle eastern ideas. AMERICA WILL BE FREE ALWAYS.

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