The SNC-Lavalin affair and backroom politics | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

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The SNC-Lavalin controversy has roiled Parliament, prompting questions from Canadians: Is Justin Trudeau a prime minister with the values he campaigned on? And exactly who was involved in the alleged influence campaign fuelled by big power, big money and big business? Wendy Mesley talks to former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May for their take.
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CJ P says:

What Trudeau did has wiped out all that Trudeau virtue signaled.

guystoners says:

Trudeau will now have to increase the bribes to CBC

jmmg says:

Treadau it’s the worse, he is the ONLY PM EVER GOT CAUGHT AND BROKE THE ETHICAL LAWS….WENDY, LIBTARD! Defending your master eh!

skipstah70 says:

R E S I G N.

jmmg says:

Is this a joke? Her, she is a liberal and the only one will interview with you……Trudeau cares about children, women and the climate plan saving Canadian and he bringing people together????????? What has he done good for Canada??????? Name just one real fact, please! What a bunch of BS!,,,,,,, she is a loser…….and you can only get her to speak to Canadian….

J.M.H. says:

Why did butts quit?

J.M.H. says:

Love it when Trudeau stutters, he can not come up with his lies fast enough. His true values are coming out.

Richard S says:

What's with the background music?

Ted Sheckler says:

Wynne ran the Ontario Liberal party into the ground

Susan MacKenzie says:

Gag me with a spoon. This disgusting woman has nothing of importance to say.

Sean MGTOW says:

I BELIEVE HIM because it's 2019. Show some respect for the Man. cheers

Jim Woodruff says:

I support Kathleen's support of Justin. It means he will get voted out too. Way to go kathleen– spot on analyses. Haha

Paul Thomas says:

Wynne!! Gag,, nasty,full of crud Liberal! Her and Trudeau spent us into the poor house! Corruption

Rick Patron says:

wendy wendy wendy. poor job.

Ricks Y says:

Why would you interview a former leader that destroyed a party?

Martina Mendez says:

You need to chill with that thriller/mystery music. It's distracting.

Zdenek Niederle says:

Wynne is unattractive washed out politician grateful for few minutes of visibility. Another living example to prove that Liberalism is mental disorder especially when supported by alcohol and pot smoking. It also shows naivety of Canadians who support this circus.

Mitchell Woodhouse says:

Oh …. let's talk to the other liar Kathleen Wynne, about the chief liar. smh

Kaden Fraser says:

this incident does not wipe out any good he has done BUT it does add a big one to the long list of shifty crap he has done to ruin this country , omar , free speech , gun laws , alberta , india , expensive holiday with muslim buddy ,etc….. corrupt as we have ever seen …

Rata 4U says:

Trudeau shouldn't have gotten involved. He also has Jody looking to become a PM herself. Jody must have thought she won the lottery when they began to pressure her. I think all of them are a disgrace including Jody…Jody only if she's got ambitions for office. Conflict of interest in her own right.

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