Has the Ethiopian Airlines disaster forced airlines to reconsider the Boeing 737 MAX 8? | ABC News

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Confidence in the type of plane used by Ethiopia airlines has dropped since Sunday’s deadly crash.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 was the same make as Indonesia’s Lion Air plane that crashed just four months ago, with 189 people on board.

Some experts say it’s too soon to draw links between the two incidents.

Yvonne Yong explains.

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Pub Comrad says:

Another 737 Max 8 disaster then Boeing will declare Chapter 11.

Joe T says:

I live in China! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CANCEL Boeing forever!

GooglR Ratings says:

YOU CAN Request to be seated on a different plane.

I called and asked for seat on a different plane, they started giving me run around, I said I want full refund for the ticket which I was entitled to and guess what… I am flying on an Airbus in 4 days.

And to suggest that pilots had inadequate training to handle an emergency which is caused by a flaw in an airplane is absolutely ludicrous.


Roger Roger says:

Rather concerning is what an "Australian aviation expert" has said in an article in today's edition of The Daily Telegraph. "…the Boeing manual only mentioned the MCAS in the list of acronyms at the back, with no instructions on how to use it or disable it." and "There are two switches to turn it off but clearly the pilot did not know where they were" How could that be so?

Yang Cheng says:

Those people confident in the planes are not taking flights themselves lol

1Infinite Loop says:

Imagine what would have happened if Boeing was a Chinese or Russian company.

Peter Ellacott says:

Control problem with fly by wire

Chris Shawl says:

Made in America is the Australian favorite hahaha.

robertbslee says:

Who wants to fly in a plane that has 2.2% failure rate leading to death of ALL passengers and crew?

Not me… I fly weekly and checking that I'm not getting on any 737 max!

TrucknMining says:

Could be due to boeing lowering their standard to cut cost. American corporatism at its finest

vincent chiong says:

Something is wrong. Brand new plane just don't fall from the sky that cannot be controlled by the pilotd

deekay2001 films says:

As of yesterday Indonesia also have grounded all 737 Max 8.

me heretoday says:

We usually travel Virgin but after this latest issue with the planes I am not sure if I will feel safe flying on one of the new planes when they arrive…

Cave Jug says:

For this to be taken seriously, few more have to drop before safety outweighs profits. … Nothing new.

Ken Dickman says:

The "fly by wire" autopilot isn't sufficiently robust to withstand a space weather event, look it up on NASA.

zulkifli gumilang says:

Airbus gang joined the chat

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