Experts analyze satellite data from Boeing 737 Max 8 crash

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Aviation experts are analyzing new satellite data collected from the Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia. Officials are also waiting for the black box information that should provide more insight into the crash that killed all 157 people on board.

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Shock Value says:

Understand what has been said and is conducted. More surveillance and tracking. SOME countries might not want their aircrafts tracked. This legitimises that. Hack 2 or more planes. Create a fault. Sell it to the world. Now you can have the ultimate control.

Its the tyre salesman that carries the boxes of nails.

Javier Harth says:

They are postponing the inevitable. I cannot believe they did not call in advance of sending there recorders to Germany. Something fishy in the air…

locky says:

When ever you fly your always risking you life. Humans are not supposed to fly.

Martha Martha says:

If they had grounded all the planes after the Indonesian crash and did the investigation the Ethiopian airline victims would have been here today! But no! money and compay's reputation was more important than human lives and the only reason Trump gave the ok to ground the planes was because the rest of the world turned against Boeing and left the US no other option. This incident has shaken the entire world and therefore the company needs to be put out of business then maybe the family of the victims will have some closure! I had so much love & respect for America until Trump was elected as a president. 🙁

Anthony Goedhart says:

Who wants to bet that if Boeing is found guilty of gross incompetence and start getting lawsuits from major airlines that they will declare bankruptcy. Corporate America's ace in the hole to get out of responsibility

ip desperado says:

well, if you take a detailed look at how 737-max 8/9 was designed, why suddenly boeing introduced MCAS software (never had that for older models of 737) to combat prone-stall issue during the takeoff period, then you might be on the right track.


Mmmm so sad

RealDeal441 says:

The FAA has lost substantial credibility by delaying grounding the Boeing 737 Max. In the last 30 years the FAA was the gold standard when it came to aviation safety and taking bold and decisive and timely actions. But now looks like the lobbying and influence of Boeing has ruined them. They grounded it after virtually every country in the world did it even though the evidence was right there showing a system defect! how unfortunate!

Malkom Alberto says:

Almighty the creator comes through Ethiopia.helps humanity from bondage slowly coming I tell you people this is a sign. All news media they look like ape to me now.

Mark 0000000000000 says:

Why the pilot's didn't use manual trim to override auto control of elevator surfaces?

Jordan Zhou says:

Boeing CEO should be placed at the crash site,collecting debris and body parts,hearing the cries of the people who lost their love ones,so he will make a right decision next time when it comes between human lives and money.

applemacHATER says:

they should have video cams recording 247 from every angle

Calvin Abbott says:

Soros must be trying to drop the shares for a takeover;)

Dexter Haven says:

There are 6,000 sensors on a commercial airliner. Feel safer now?

fondoftheduh says:

the plane just looks weird.
I made lots of paper air planes as a kid.
this just looks unstable and wrong.
body size vs wing size and shape.

Kwokman Lam says:

BA used Indian software developed in Bengalore,India.All the IT software were outsourced to India by BA vice president of IT named Uddanwadiker according to Chinese News………Chinese pilots had reported the same problem with this model !

Adam Adam says:

Made in Trumpistan rubbish.

Century says:

So an expert is someone who works for CBC? Ok now I know why the media screws up on aviation a lot.

lilnetty2 says:

Marc Garneau was told to change his call…by the Justin committee? Either way,Garneau looked like a dithering fool. I’m so sick of the trudeope group!

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