Grounding of 737 Max 8 creates travel chaos

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Air passengers are expressing their frustration with their flights being cancelled and rescheduled, including Canadians who are trying to get home after their March break vacations.

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Brent Warren says:

Flew Air Canada today, was on time and no problems. Good job, must be a scheduling nightmare

JCS says:

Should have got airbus planes

Rei Ev says:

That still of a Southwest plane at 3:48 is apparently a Flight Simulator screenshot.

Stable Genius says:

This is not news, lets dig deeper into SNC LAVALAMP…

TameThing says:

There’s chaos in Trudeau’s corrupt Liberal Party right now – but CBC wants to direct your attention away from that. After all, he pays them with your tax money. They’re his media lapdog.

Andi S says:

3:39 The woman and family and everybody in Southwest airline are lucky people, they might land in heaven instead of Orlando.

Fallen Lizardbrain says:

There is nothing wrong with the jets
It is the pilot
Need more American pilots

Tim Apple says:

Travel Chaos??? Give me all the chaos you have. I just don't want to be blown into a hundred pieces 6 minutes into a flight!

S. Pref says:

The thumbnail is awkwardly hilarious.

Vela van laack says:

I really like her voice

Jay King says:

I understand the frustration. Having to wait at an airport not really sure when you are leaving especially traveling with little kids BUT, that is more of a reason to be patient and appreciative that these workers are scrambling around to make sure your next flight is safe for you and your kids.
With that said, people should get compensated with a free meal ticket or some sort of discount for there future flights

Anonymous says:

Now a days you cant TRUST AMERICA

Rock Girl says:

Better late, than never!

Calvin Abbott says:

This is a test for when the Globalists try to protect themselves from the masses as the truth of their evil and corruption are revealed.

Jack Duffy says:

Tryed and Tested, A fraze not used any more, Lets try something new and dangerous, That's never been done be for, And bring in a new Superintendent from out of town, He'll get things moving around heer.

Max Waller says:

interesTin bery interesTin

Eliza Grogan says:

I'm a frequent flyer. I don't worry about "chaos". I want to fly as safely as possible. I've postponed an upcoming travel plan. What will be will be.

Mikeom Olt says:

Gotta be a few spare Airbus A380s sitting around doing nothing. Perhaps affected airlines could borrow some and fill 'em up with stranded 737 MAX passengers.

peter lustig says:

Dont trust american plane manufactur boeing….they look after profit not safety… with airbus

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