Stephon Clark Justice & Anti-Israel Law: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the March 7, 2019 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:30 One year after the death of Stephon Clark, the local district attorney has decided not to file charges against the officers who shot and killed him. VICE News goes to Sacramento to see how activists and community members are reacting to this decision.

7:29 More than two dozen states now have some type of law on the books that restricts a state contractor’s ability to boycott Israel. One of those states is Arkansas. A newspaper there called Arkansas Times is suing the state over the law, arguing it violates the first amendment.

16:54 Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers talks to VICE about how he plans to implement a liberal agenda in his state given that Republicans control the legislature.

22:40 South African singer-songwriter-actor Nakhane breaks down his song “Interloper” off his album “You Will Not Die” out Feb 22nd, for Verse Chorus Bridge.

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anoccomir says:

Some shell of a person gushing about its own work.. Yeah nah, skip that, not interested. Humility is rare these days. Please skip this bit next time.

Tamarra Lestage says:

God choosing people? Do you understand that your putting some one else culture, belief over others. This is why I hate religion , any God because this is what it does.

Mousa Otbah says:

Wow! israel does control America

Nicholas Thom says:

Wasnt Stephon Clark charged with domestic violence?…… why do they care so much about a woman beater?

Nicholas Thom says:

Cops were killing blacks way before trump and MAGA. Why is this ignarance so wide spread?……

grimmSOL says:

Sure wish this would blow over already. One less criminal off the streets is such old news. Plus side, the cops not being charged for doing their job is the best need I've heard in a while.

George Steyer says:

That’s exactly why they wanna silence Ilhan Omar

Flost says:

Palestine would be a terrorist country just like the Gaza strip that is the most likely outcome! But allso the occupation from the Israelites is not helping the problem.

dacealksne says:

6:27 eraserhead

Jay L says:

Not going to win against the govt. Protest all you want, but they lack the servicemen patrolling the streets.

teoman karahan says:

One day the whole world will see Hitler was right!!!

Fondil Mabols says:

Why has Israel given up land for peace in the past, yet Palestinian and other Muslim countries refuse peace talks?

koskafe says:

Aipac is a POLITICAL lobby that favourites the Israeli/American agenda there is NOTHING new in that.
What Ilhan had claimed is that US politicians are bribed to favorite Israel when in fact its entirely willingly done for the strong bond between Evangelitics and Israel and the money is unfortunately much needed in the USA political system

United Volkssturm says:

Republicans are so left wing

青い森スナ says:

All in the pockets of the jewish lobby

Lonny DaDon says:

Its crazy how during a protest how the cops standing byband in the background be standing there with this shit eating grin of a smirk.. Have some compassion to the people who are effected

ike eki says:

christian theocrats need to get out of the legislative process

rush1er says:

That newspaper owner should just sign the stupid sanction agreement and then do what every other CEO or US politician does… do whatever the hell you want whether it violates the agreement or not… just make sure to hire a lawyer or some other fall guy to take the blame. It's the Corporate American way.

Melted Cheese says:

American pledge themselves to the constitution and flag,American gov pledge their loyalty to Israel.
At this point I don't know whether America is America anymore?

Aurora Myne says:

If your religion taught you to hate others or shut people's opinion, there might be something wrong with the religion.

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